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Calm night flight above the Atlantic

In the economy class, as usual, the leg room is small. We were provided with pillars and blankets. The entertainment was very good, as everyone had a small screen in front of him/her, with a large choice of music, films, documentaries, etc.

The sound was unfortunately not the best and it was sometimes difficult to understand the dialogues in films. The dinner was ok, but the breakfast was disappointing, only a small muffin and a tea/coffee.

I would have expected bread, honey, butter, etc. The air temperature was a litte bit cold. I flew several times with Air Canada and I think it is a good company, although not the best.

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Economy Air Canada YUL - GVA More than 3 years

Pleasant flight above Canada

I flew from Vancouver to Toronto, which last about 4.30 hours.

The seat was OK, let's say, typical for today's economic class: the room was just the minimum. The entertainment was very good, with lots of films, documentaries, series, games, and so on.

The only problem is that the sound is not enough loud and sometimes, it is difficult to understand the dialogues (in the films). Drinks are free, but you have to pay for the food.

The flight was pleasant and I noticed that the crew avoided a thunderstorm so that we had nearly no turbulences. Everything was fine with the luggage, nothing got lost.

I was just surprised that some flight attendants did not speak French, which is actually an official language in Canada.

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Economy Air Canada YVR - YYZ More than 3 years

Plan time at Montreal airport !

As my connecting flight from Geneva (Air Canada as well) had 3 hours delay, I missed my planned flight from Montreal to Vancouver. I immediately got a new ticket to Vancouver and a voucher of 10 CAN $ for a meal on the plane (because you have to pay for meals in intern flights!).

The problem was the airport. The customs was very very slow and the airport personal unfriendly. I was very surprised, as the people from Québec are used to being very nice. I nearly missed my connecting flight, because the indications for the gates were bad...

On the plane, there was entertainment (films, music, games, etc.) and we got free some beverages, but it took a long time to be served. There was neither a pillow nor a blanket. To sum up: the flight itself was OK but I was very disappointed of the Montréal airport.

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Economy Air Canada YUL - YVR More than 3 years

Delay but good service

I flew from Geneva to Montréal with Air Canada. There was unfortunately 3 hours delay, but they didn't tell the reason. Later, I knew that there had been a storm in Canada and the incoming flight from Montréal to Geneva had been delayed.

Anyways, Air Canada provided us with a voucher to have a lunch at the airport in Geneva. On the plane, the entertainment was good with a large choice of films. The meal was good and without additional costs I received a special menu, as asked in my booking.

As I had a connecting flight, which I missed in Montréal, Air Canada provided me with a new ticket and another voucher for a meal in the intercanadian flight (where you have to pay for food). There was however a negative point which has nothing to do with Air Canada: the customs in Montréal is extremely slow and the airport personal mostly unfriendly, which is very unusual in Québec.

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Economy Air Canada GVA - YUL More than 3 years 1 views

Good organisation in Yerevan

The night flight Yerevan-Vienna was very good. The only problem lies in the bad time: departure at 4.25 in the morning... But Yerevan airport is a very good one, not too big, with many comfortable seats (some can be reclined) to rest.

Personal on ground is nice as well. In the plane, everything was OK. There were some drinks and a good breakfast. The temperature was good and the flight on time, so we could reach without problem our connecting flight in Vienna.

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Economy Austrian EVN - VIE More than 3 years

Good flight and breakfast

This was a connecting flight we could reach without problem, as it was early in the morning, when the airport is still sleeping.

There was no specific entertainement, because of the short flight duration. And we got a small breakfast on the plane. The crew was nice, as very often by Austrian Airlines. Take-off and landing were calm and we landed on time in Geneva. We could pick up our luggage rapidly, which was very pleasant.

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Economy Austrian VIE - GVA More than 3 years 1 reactions 1 views

Vienna-Yerevan : nice flight, but bad schedule

Austrian Airlines flies 4 times per week between Vienna and Yerevan from end of October to end of May, then in June 5 times per week and from end of...

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Economy Austrian VIE - EVN More than 3 years 1 reactions 4 views


I flew from Geneva to Vienna and had a connecting flight there. At the airport in Geneva, I was very surprised to discover that I had no attributed seat because of overbooking!

As I was flying with a group, it was very important that I could take the flight. After a while and worry, I could get a seat. I think it is inacceptable that companies do overbooking. I was very disappointed because I had been always considering Austrian Airlines as a serious company...

Otherwise, the flight was good and the crew friendly. The snack was very modest (some biscuits) but it is OK for such a short flight.

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Economy Austrian GVA - VIE More than 3 years 1 reactions 4 views

Short and pleasant flight

The seat was comfortable. There was no entertainment, but as it was a low-cost company with a cheap ticket, it was fully OK. There were different snacks proposed, but as they were expansive, I did not buy them. The crew was friendly and the pilot gave some information on the flight. Take off and landing without problem and without delay. The only negative point is the lack of information about the gate (French sector) at the Airport of Geneva. I had to ask extra to find the correct entrance. Otherwise, I cannot complain.

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Economy Easyjet Switzerland GVA - BOD More than 3 years 1 reactions

Short and pleasant flight

As very often, I took Austrian Airlines to fly to Sarajevo. Austrian Airlines offers flights twice daily between Vienna and Sarajevo and there are a lot of connecting flights at Vienna Airport. The flight was on time, with a nice crew and a small snack on board. There was no specific entertainment, but as the flight is short, it is not necessary. And the landscapes are very nice! This flight was a connecting flight and I could find my luggage in Sarajevo without any problem.

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Economy Austrian VIE - SJJ More than 3 years 3 reactions 6 views

Nice flight above the Alps

I am used to travelling often with Austrian Airlines, a company I like very much. It was a first flight with a connecting flight in Vienna with 90 minutes to get the next flight.

As the flight was on time, there was no problem to catch the next plane.

The crew is always friendly and helpful, if you have questions.

We got some small snacks, which is not enough as a meal. This is why you have to buy at the airport some sandwiches or so before taking a short flight with Austrian Airlines.

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Economy Austrian GVA - VIE More than 3 years 3 reactions 7 views

A serious and good company

In this night flight New York JFK-Geneva, everything was fine, excepted the leg room, which was a little bit small.

The entertainment was great, there were lots of good films in several languages to watch. Moreover, there were games, music and documentary films.

The meal was good and we had a true breakfast before landing in Geneva.

The captain informed us several times on our flight and on the weather conditions. The flight crew was friendly and competent. We took off with little delay but landed in Geneva earlier as planned.

The luggages followed without any problems. I would recommend to fly with Swiss on this destination (I have no experience on other destinations yet).

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Economy Swiss JFK - GVA More than 3 years

Very pleasant flight

For the first time I flew with Swiss. Until then I had been used to flying with other companies of the Star Alliance (like Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines) and was always very satisfied.

The seat was comfortable, but the leg room a bit short. Entertainment was various : everyone had his or her own screen with different games, styles of music, films, documentaries. I could watch two films I had missed in the cinema. The meals very good as well.

The flight itself was very pleasant and there was no problem. The crew was friendly and helpful.

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Economy Swiss GVA - JFK More than 3 years 1 reactions 10 views

Good short flight

I did not fly very often with KLM, but it was a good discovery. The flights were always on time, like this one from Bristol to Amsterdam. This was important to me, as I had a connecting flight in Amsterdam. I could reach it without any problems. During the flight, as it was short, there was no specific entertainment. But it is not necessary, as the flight duration was about one hour. We got a small snack and of course, drinks. The flight attendants were friendly.

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Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines BRS - AMS More than 3 years

Nice evening flight

Contrary to the outward flight, as I nearly missed my connecting flight, there was enough time (more than an hour) at Amsterdam airport to catch the next plane. However, I would advise to always plan enough time in Amsterdam to catch your connecting flight !

The flight Amsterdam-Munich was short and pleasant, with some drinks and a snack. There was no entertainment for such a short flight. But we flow above Amsterdam by night, which let me good memories!

It was my 4th flight with KLM and it was on time, like all other ones. According to this modest experience, I would recommend flying with KLM.
But I have no experience on long haul flights.

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Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines AMS - MUC More than 3 years

Flight on time

After some stress at Amsterdam Airport to catch my connecting flight, I reached it, but it was at the last second. Anyway, the flight to Bristol was nice, calm and we got a small snack. The personnel was friendly and we arrived on time at Bristol Airport, which was an important point for me, as I had to catch a coach. As I had only cabin luggage, I cannot give a review on luggage management.

For information: Bristol Airport is a small but pleasant airport, with some cafés and shops. Controls are quite rapid.

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Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines AMS - BRS More than 3 years

Plan time at Amsterdam airport!

I flew for the first time with KLM and found the service well. There was a small snack and drinks during the short flight. The personnel was friendly. The difficulty I had, since I had to catch a connecting flight at Amsterdam Airport, was the service on the ground in Amsterdam. I had more than one hour, but as I had to leave the Schengen Area, there was a customs control. This one last very long and was slow. I nearly missed my next plane and it was stress. So, if you travel via Amsterdam, just plan enough time!

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Economy KLM Royal Dutch Airlines MUC - AMS More than 3 years

Never disappointed

The flight Frankfurt-Munich is as a train, as Lufthansa flies several times every day between both cities. It was in my case a connecting flight, but not the booked one.

Because the first flight with Condor (a very bad company, just to avoid!) had 30 hours delay, we got a new flight.

The flight crew was on this Lufthansa flight friendly and we received a drink (but nothing to eat, as the flight is very short).

In contrast to Condor, the seats were comfortable and there was room for the legs. I was so tired that I fell asleep and waked up only at Munich Airport. I could pick up my luggage quickly. I flew several times with Lufthansa and was never disappointed.

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Economy Lufthansa FRA - MUC More than 3 years

A company to avoid!

The start of the flight San José - Frankfurt (over Santo Domingo) was planned at 7.40 am in San José on 29 July. As we came to the airport, the...

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Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) SJO - FRA More than 3 years 11 reactions 60 views

Munich Frankfurt

I often fly with Lufthansa and until now, I was always satisfied. That flight was a first flight before a second one in Frankfurt. As it was short, there was no snacks but only drinks and some newspapers. The flight was on time, which was very important, as we had only one hour for our connecting flight at Frankfurt airport. However, I would recommend twice more time if you have there a connecting flight, as the airport is huge.

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Economy Lufthansa MUC - FRA More than 3 years

A bad company

It was a very long flight from Frankfurt to San José, with a stop-over in Santo Domingo. We came from Munich and had about 1 hour to change the plane in Frankfurt. But we had to check in a second time. The woman at the desk was very unfriendly and we had to do nearly everything by computer. It was not so easy and explanations were bad.

Than our plane had more than 30 minutes delay (we took off at about 22.30 instead of 21.50). The meals were not very good and it was not possible for an allergic person to get something else on borad.

You have to order in advance and to pay some additional fees for that! Entertainment: a film on a big screen without earphones; for them you have to pay again... I find such things inacceptable, as I already paid 1400 Euros to travel to Costa Rica. The flight attendants were ok.

To sum up: Condor is a bad company, just to be avoided! Never again!

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Economy Condor (Thomas Cook) FRA - SJO More than 3 years


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1 Austrian 7 30.4%
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3 Air Canada 4 17.4%
4 Condor (Thomas Cook) 2 8.7%
5 Lufthansa 2 8.7%
6 Swiss 2 8.7%
7 Easyjet Switzerland 2 8.7%

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1 Geneva 10 21.7%
2 Vienna 7 15.2%
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6 Montreal Trudeau 3 6.5%
7 San Jose 2 4.3%
8 Bristol 2 4.3%
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3 Amsterdam - Munich 1 4.3%
4 Geneva - New York Jfk 1 4.3%
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6 Munich - Amsterdam 1 4.3%
7 Frankfurt - San Jose 1 4.3%
8 Munich - Frankfurt 1 4.3%
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2 Condor (Thomas Cook) 18 704
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4 Austrian 8 530
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6 Easyjet Switzerland 1 109
7 Lufthansa 599

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1 San Jose - Frankfurt 9 352
2 Frankfurt - San Jose 9 352
3 Geneva - New York Jfk 6 201
4 New York Jfk - Geneva 6 201
5 Montreal Trudeau - Geneva 5 906
6 Geneva - Montreal Trudeau 5 906
7 Montreal Trudeau - Vancouver 3 682
8 Vancouver - Toronto Lester B. Pearson Intl 3 345
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1 Switzerland 10 21.7%
2 Germany 8 17.4%
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4 Canada 6 13%
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6 United Kingdom 2 4.3%
7 France 2 4.3%
8 Armenia 2 4.3%
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11/08/2015 YUL YVR 3 682 AC
11/08/2015 GVA YUL 5 906 AC
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01/05/2015 EVN VIE 2 382 OS
19/04/2015 VIE EVN 2 382 OS
19/04/2015 GVA VIE 815 OS
19/08/2014 BOD GVA 554 DS
06/08/2014 GVA BOD 554 DS
18/06/2014 GVA VIE 815 OS
18/06/2014 VIE SJJ 509 OS
18/06/2014 GVA VIE 815 OS
29/04/2014 JFK GVA 6 201 LX
21/04/2014 GVA JFK 6 201 LX
28/09/2013 AMS MUC 665 KL
28/09/2013 BRS AMS 524 KL
21/09/2013 AMS BRS 524 KL
21/09/2013 MUC AMS 665 KL
31/07/2013 FRA MUC 300 LH
29/07/2013 SJO FRA 9 352 DE
07/07/2013 MUC FRA 300 LH
07/07/2013 FRA SJO 9 352 DE