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Love flying, bit of an AvGeek, think the aeroplane & jet turbine engine are wonderful inventions.

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Pleasant flight in a newly refreshed cabin

Upon boarding this short flight from London Heathrow to Newcastle it was immediately obvious that the Airbus A320's cabin had been recently...

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Economy British Airways LHR - NCL More than 3 years 1 reactions 14 views
Ash Hinton

Made up the time. Good service from BA.

This flight from Athens back to London Heathrow was showing up as slightly late by about 10-15 minutes, but departed on time and landed slightly...

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Economy British Airways ATH - LHR More than 3 years 1 reactions 28 views
Ash Hinton

Pleasant flight, attentive crew

Although one of the slightly older aeroplanes in BA's fleet, this trip on a Boeing 767 from London to Athens was still very pleasant with boarding, pushback & flight all on-time and serviced by very attentive, friendly, cabin crew. The business class cabin featured the usual better seating, meal & drinks choices, priority boarding & lounge use. The forward cabin is also a little quieter, being at the front of the aircraft and far enough away from the engine intake fans.

A lovely flight made even better by choosing to upgrade to business class as treat to start off our city break in a little more style.

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Business British Airways LHR - ATH More than 3 years 1 reactions 8 views
Ash Hinton

Slow check-in staff, cramped cabin

The check-in staff were on a go-slow for this 05:40 flight to Santorini. The take-off time had been changed from 09:00 a few weeks before and it was if the staff were still expecting an 09:00 departure. In fact the departure time on the boarding card still said 09:00, however after finally being checked-in after queueing for over an hour it was a rush to pass security and board the flight. Once on board the familiar Airbus A320 series aircraft we soon learned that Small Planet = small seat pitch. I've not flown in such a cramped cabin for a long time, and soon it was revealed why: the aircraft previously belonged to MyTravel, who had one of the worst seat pitches for a UK charter airline. Some of the on-board equipment still had MyTravel stickers. The cabin crew were friendly, attentive & thorough with their take-off & landing cabin safety checks, and we were treated to what I believe is a rare left-hand circuit around the caldera (for the northerly runway) into Santorini. Not a bad flight, but let down by dreadful seat pitch & awful check-in experience.

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Economy Small Planet Airlines LGW - JTR More than 3 years 2 reactions 19 views
Ash Hinton


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