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Worst airport ever

If you are leaving out of gates D or E don't think you will be given a huge array of shopping that you can see from level 3 down onto level 1 - you can't get there and will almost be arrested if you...

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Barcelona More than 2 years


Poorly organised. A ridiculous amount of queuing for everything from bag check/ security which took around 45 minutes to all the food outlets. Little choice if you don't like fast food. Men toilets...

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Boston More than 2 years

Delays at security control

There's an unexpected around 30 min delay at the security controls in T1 access today. By the look of it, it seems as they are making some improvements in the current lanes (very low standard in...

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Madrid More than 2 years

Damaged Luggage

On arriving at London Heathrow from Penang on flights MH1165/MH002 and collecting our luggage I found one case had been pierced by a sharp object leaving a substance hole. On going to the Baggage...

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London Heathrow More than 2 years

Avoid at all costs.

I arrived in Paris 25th November, long haul flight from Australia. Someone had left a piece of luggage at gate 8. It had been through security to get to gate 8. Whilst I heard the PA announce the...

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Paris Charles De Gaulle More than 2 years

Calm, Clean and Nice

The airport was easy to navigate through. The lounges were really nice with the view of the runway. Very clean and also very calm... not crowded. Overall, very nice!

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Prague More than 3 years 2 reactions 4 views

Worst experience ever at an Airport

At first glance, Hong Kong International Airport appears to have everything you would expect from a high-quality airport: Bathrooms that are regularly cleaned and friendly faces at the customer...

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Hong Kong More than 3 years

Horrible, Filthy, Dirty, Crowded

Like my title says... "Horrible, filthy, dirty, crowded" Terminal 4 where Spirit Airlines is located and run by them is awful, the terminal is dirty and smells like crap. The restrooms are dirty, I...

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Ft. Lauderdale More than 3 years 1 reactions 5 views
Paul G.

Hot, humid and herded like cattle

ADVICE: Go to the airport at the last possible minute to get through security. Don't arrive early because you will melt and there is nothing to do. There's no air conditioning and you are lined up...

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Papeete More than 3 years 1 reactions 3 views


Rien n'est indiqué, personne pour aider, 1 heure 30 pour déposer les bagages, et se permettent de ne pas charger les bagages dans l'avion. Tapis soi-disant en panne... De sacrés progrès à faire.

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Paris Orly More than 2 years 1 reactions

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Airports most reviewed on the website.

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  3. Paris Orly
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