Hot, humid and herded like cattle

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Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 3 years ago.

ADVICE: Go to the airport at the last possible minute to get through security. Don't arrive early because you will melt and there is nothing to do. There's no air conditioning and you are lined up like cattle to get through security. You could hardly hear announcements over chaos after you get through security. The interior is open-air with fans (I think they're more decorative than functional). The duty free shop is open only for a short time and prices are expensive (but it does have a/c - a gimmick to get you in there!). Very ldisappointed at the long wait and lack of organizational skills to make things work better. While they announce only certain rows should be in line for boarding, they could have someone check tickets to assure people are in the right area. It was chaos. Sorry for the lousy review, but it's the truth!


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By emcee, about Papeete, , close to Medford, New Jersey, United States
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