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I am now quite used to with the airports, and sleeping has never been a problem. Sometimes, even at some airports, facilities are available to make our time at the airport pleasant (even if you want to sleep, because we need to sleep sometimes, I believe...).

The prices in hostels and hotels are exorbitant in Iceland and the international airport is 1 hour drive from the capital, I didn't see how to move during night. To make sure to have my plane, I decided to sleep at the airport. In the luggage drop-off area, and where we have to wait before the office opens is deprived of seats. Or maybe 10 maximum for all of the hall. With other passengers, some waiting for more than 15 hours, due to a connection, we decided to sleep on the ground. It was the only solution. A panel was however arranged: "Sleeping/camping and cooking is prohibited in the building and on the grounds". Finally, everyone was asleep, tired by our travels. Around 1 am an employee came to wake us up, brutally ordering us to get up. "This is not a hotel, bla bla bla, get up" , "you don't have the right to sleep here","nor to sit down, you have to move away", I didn't understand anything. The tone of this employee was totally disrespectful. Once we woke up, he then found no solution to this problem, and left. The formal interdiction to sleep, inability of the airport to provide a respectful reception... really disappointed by this behavior, in this beautiful and authentic island that is Iceland ..... I had never seen this... it was really so strange and completely stupid.

And because I don't have the right to sleep, I have maybe the right to write this reviews. Enjoy Iceland, apart from that, it's amazing here.


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By Travelera, about Reykjavik Keflavik International, , close to Iceland
Posted online by Nicolas, on 5 June 2017
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