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Burmese CDG / LFPG
Note: This review is about an experience that happened more than 2 years ago.

I arrived in Paris 25th November, long haul flight from Australia. Someone had left a piece of luggage at gate 8. It had been through security to get to gate 8.

Whilst I heard the PA announce the peoples name on the luggage as I was travelling along the passage. I was herded into the luggage carousel area for 2 1/2 hours with about 200 others.

On my outbound flight on the 13th December, there was another luggage "left" alert before I arrived so customs was packed with 900 people from 3 disrupted flights, with 4 customs desks open. My flight, which was 3 hours after my arrival at the airport, left me running to catch my flight. Up 80 stairs of escalator, that were out of order. A train to another section, that I only found because of an English speaking man. Had people running with a sign for my carrier, told to hurry. At 62, with a handbag, overhead luggage, a coat ... I made it. Did not even get to "sniff" duty free.

They have to do better, they are paranoid, which I appreciate but there has to be a plan of action put into place to deal with this kind of emergency that does not impact so greatly on the passenger. Truly spoilt what was a great holiday.


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