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Review of Tired about the flight Travel Service Airlines between Dubrovnik and Prague on 24/09/2018 in Economy
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On September 24, 2018, my husband and I were to return to Brussels from Dubrovnik via Prague at 14:40. We boarded flight OK4825 but could not take off because of strong winds. After approx. 45 minutes, the captain announced we were to deplane and return to the terminal. The weather was getting worse, not better.
The departure hall was full. We were told to wait for an announcement, but none came for our flight. At 16:35 I noticed that flight OK4825 was no longer on the monitor, so I checked with the info desk. They told me that the flight was only delayed, not cancelled. A fellow passenger behind me advised that he had just talked with a member of our crew, and they were leaving for a hotel.
At around 18:30 our flight was announced, but unfortunately only to let us know that we were entitled to a meal voucher. It amounted to €6.
At 19:44 most passengers had left the departure hall, stores were closing, the cleaning crew had started washing the floors, and there were only three flights left on the monitor for the 24th – two cancelled and one delayed, which was also a Travel Service flight. I checked with the info desk once again.
The lady now told me that no flight would be leaving until the next morning at 10:00 at the earliest and none had left since 15:00. However, they had not yet received any instructions from Travel Service, so they could not let us leave.
Finally at 20:30, four hours after the crew had left, flight OK4825 was cancelled and we were instructed to go to the arrival hall for further directions.
The transfer to hotels was chaotic but we got to a hotel at around 22:30.
The next morning we arrived to Dubrovnik airport shortly before 8:00. The monitor referred us to counter 15 for check-in for flight OK4825A to depart at 10:00. Quickly both counters 14 and 15 were staffed. However, after printing just a handful of boarding passes, technical challenges surfaced. The only progress for about half an hour was to separate us into two groups. They would not be able to check in passengers with connecting flights in Prague.
At about 8:50 all passengers without a connection in Prague had managed to get a boarding pass and, miraculously, now they could check in the rest of us, but only to Prague. There we would have to get our luggage, exit and go to the departure terminal to check in to our connecting flights.
In the departure hall once again, we checked the monitor for a departure gate and time for flight OK4825A. No such flight was listed, but flight OK4825 departing at 14:40 was already boarding at gate 7. That proved to be us.
At 19:10 we reached Brussels with a delay of 24 hours and not at all impressed with the service a company calling themselves Travel Service had provided.

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3 / 5
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3 / 5
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1 / 5
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1 / 5

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