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Poor customer service. Outdated aircraft.

Scheduled booked flight was cancelled by ElAl.
We have been offered next day flight but customer service refused to offer any accommodation or transportation to the airport. Had to pay for another night stay at the hotel + taxi to the airport as it was an early flight.
Aircraft was out of date. Entertainment system from previous century, no sound most of the time.
Service is very poor, though flight staff is trying but the result is not what it should be at the country leading airline.
Customer service response is extremely slow (perhaps too many issues) and mainly unsatisfactory. They keeping saying that flight was cancelled 14 days prior to the actual flight date so the customers are not entitled to any compensations.
If I could, I would cancel it at the time when announcement made but unfortunately there were other arrangements already done.

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Economy TLV - LHR 02/2018

Horrible airline

The worst experience of my life with this airline. Please don't fly with them, they will treat you very badly, for no reason. Well actually, because...

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Economy BRU - CUN 11/2017

Horrible racist airline TUIfly BELGIUM

The worst experience of my life with this racist airline. Please don't fly with them, they will treat you very badly, for no reason. Well actually...

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Economy BRU - CUN 11/2017

Awful Experience

I This airline is the worst I've ever used. I was due to fly to Reykjavik on Wed 29th Nov at 12.15 pm from Manchester.  I am disabled and require...

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Economy MHT - KEF 11/2017

Avoid Iceland Air

When you shop an airfare you have choices. I would advise you to select another airline besides Iceland air.

If your flight goes according to plan, you'll probably enjoy the experience. However, if anything goes wrong (and with air travel something often does), they don't stray from the script well. Their customer service is driven through their national office which is unresponsive.

The only way we ever got them to respond was after going public on social media--then they respond right away. Try to the proper channels and it's radio silence.

This is a company that is so broken, I would advise you to fly someone else.

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Economy ORD - KEF 01/2018

Lost baggage and refused refund after death certificate supplied

I flew from Heathrow to Larnaca and back in October 2017. On my return Aegean airline lost my luggage. I waited four weeks before I had to chase...

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Economy LHR - LCA 10/2017

Do not trust in this Airline they will fraud you

احذروا من الطيران السيلاني المخادع لقد حجزت عليه رحلة من بانكوك للكويت و يتخللها ترانزيت ١٩ ساعة و عندما وصلت كولومبو انا و عائلتي اتجهت لكونتر...

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Business BKK - KWI 01/2018

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