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They ruined our entire vacation

After flying over 24 hours to get to our last leg of travel. My husband and I presented our boarding passes and were told by the agent that we could...

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Economy plus CDG - AGP 01/2018 1 reactions

Racist rude staff - do not use this service ever!

Black and Brown sisters spend your hard earned money elsewhere!! Nobody deserves to be treated like shit especially by an airlines company like...

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Economy CDG - MAN 05/2018
stacey S.

good service from Jet2

Last week I wrote a scathing review about how Jet2 had placed my wife and myself in different rows and different sides of the aircraft for our forthcoming flight despite the fact that there were four seats together nearby. I wrote to the company and today received a response. In a phone call the agent explained that the seats are allocated from the back of the aircraft. However she agreed to refund the £21 I had paid to get seats together.
A result! The message though is do not let them away with charging for seats when you do not want to.

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Economy GLA - ACE 05/2018

Horrible experience: would not recommend this airline

I fly 3+ times a year internationally and this was my first time flying Aer Lingus. The transatlantic flight from Seattle to Dublin was delayed, awfully dirty and the seats wouldn't recline. The staff was impolite. The entertainment options were extremely limited and they did not have any working headphones.

The domestic flight from Dublin to Birmingham was worse; it was delayed and the management was a mess. As I was getting through security, the airline updated the monitors that the flight had left, whereas they hadn't even started boarding. The also lost and damaged my luggage and were always unaccessible whenever I reached out. This flight was cheap and the food (on the transatlantic carrier only) was good but the pros are not worth the hassle. I would recommend finding a better airline. Their organization is a mess and they are unreliable. I'm regretting booking my return flight through them. If you do decide to fly through them, get travel insurance and cover your bases.

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Economy SEA - BHX 05/2018

Departure time changed without reason

This is a warning for those of you that are thinking of using this airline in the future.

I booked a return trip with STP Airways from Lisbon to Sao Tome e Principe in March 2018 departing 00:05 -16th June.

After receiving the booking email confirmation, I booked a connecting flight from UK to Lisbon leaving six hours between flights, in case of delays on departure.

Beginning of this month, STP Airways sent an email advising the departure flight had been changed to 21:45 - 15th March.

Cutting the story short, after numerous emails and telephone calls to the airline, I was forced to change my UK departure to an earlier flight in order to be able to make the connection in Lisbon.

STP Airways claimed no liability and I was left with a GBP400 bill.

My personal advice, DON'T BOOK TRIPS WITH THIS AIRLINE unless you are prepared to spend a load of cash changing bookings or cancelling trips.

A concerned passenger

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Economy LIS - TMS 05/2018 4 reactions

Damaged luggage NO HELP!

This airline managed to break two Samsonite hard shell bags which have made it all over the world including domestic flights in Asia. They did this on both journeys to and from Swiss to the UK. They have failed to help with this issue since March and the bags are valued over 1K GBP. They do not respond to emails and do not fix your bag! I would rather fly BA any day at least you can count on getting your bags repaired or replaced in the event something happened to them. With this airline if your not Swiss you have NO chance! DONT FLY! Sometimes cheaper is not better! In my case, I only flew the airline because there are no other direct flights between the two cities , however in the future I would rather go via London than flight direct with this airline ever again!

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Economy ZRH - EDI 03/2018

No problems whatsoever

Excellent for budget airline, but obviously not when compared with full price. i was dreading this flight, having read innumerable excoriations on...

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Economy LGW - CFU 05/2018

Horrible service, inordinate delay, Broken Baggage, discourtesy treatment. No business etiquette.

Dear Sir, I booked for my travel to Chennai from Riyadh in your airlines, for the travel date 19 th June 2018 by the following flights With your...

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Economy RUH - MAA 05/2018
Swaminathan V

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