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8 hours delayed just 10$ compensation

Jet star asia informed us 3hours prior to départure that the flight is delayed...just before the check inn should open. We have 8h delayed as the aircraft is coming from singapore. No compensation just 10$ for refrshment. That the first time and last time that I booked with them for sure, i will definetly book next time with a regular airline in order to not face anymore this situation, 8h is really huge, in addition it was my connecting flight, so I stayed at the airport without sleeping..because your connection flight was supposed to take off at 6am and not at 2pm. It’s a shame that European regulations do not apply internationally. With 8h delayed, at least we get full refund of the ticket.

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Economy DRW - SIN 12/2017

Company of thieves

Gulf Air is the worst company ever! After Gulf air have announced that they will stop flying to and from Qatar I start trying to get a refund for my...

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Economy BAH - DXB 12/2017

Flight delayed 4 hours because they decided to wait for other delayed connecting flights

On December 23rd we took the flight EY424 Abu Dhabi - Manila. Schedulled at 3 am, it departed 7am instead. The boarding started late (scheduled 2am...

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Economy AUH - MNL 12/2017


Terrible customer service - my jacket was damaged on the aircraft (chewing gum on the arm rest) and the flight was full so my carry on suitcase had to sit between my legs for the duration of the flight. I originally sent my complaint through their website, but after submitting the form numerous times, I never received a reply or acknowledgement. When I sent my complaint to their CEO Bernard Gustin, his office (An Gysen, Team leader) actually replied and offered to pay compensation for the jacket and asked me to forward my bank details. Since then (seven days) nothing more. No more messages and no more replies to my emails.
Brussels Airline have no concept of customer service at their head office and it really lets the other ares of their business down

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Economy TLV - EDI 11/2017

Horrendous Flight

Never mind the restricted baggage policy, I'm more concerned about the Q400 itself. It feels like bolsa wood flying against a hurricane. We had...

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Economy SOU - DUS 12/2017

very bad airline on practically everything!

I was on Garuda flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam in September 2017. I was very disappointed and appalled for the following reasons: 1. Before...

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Business CGK - AMS 09/2017

Southwest Airlines - The KING of LOST BAGS

Southwest Airlines lost not 1 but 2 of our checked bags out of 4 (my bag and my mother- in- law's bag) with 4 paid passengers with a checked bag for...

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Economy OAK - DFW 10/2017


6hr delay due to apparently technical problems but I am note sure what to believe with this outfit. Too much to share on the catalogue of subsequent issues. Showed up Flybe for what they really are, a shambles with a total disinterest in there passengers and concerning maintenance of their aircraft

Aircraft appear dated. Seating is 2 x 2 which is good
No entertainment apart from watching the aircrew performance
Food - 2nd customer to be asked following start of service and no sandwiches.
Plane was cold in both direction - probably saving money on the heating or it probably broke like a lot of other things seemed
Captains info - minimal but no problem prefer them to concentrate on flying plane and getting where we are going safe and efficiently
Check In in Prague was a complete joke. - Ground staff poor
Flight attendants - poor.

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Economy PRG - SEN 12/2017

Cancelled Flights

I had booked a holiday for two to Berlin for sightseeing and to see the Christmas markets.
Our flight, BE4421, was to leave Doncaster/Sheffield on Monday, 04/12/2017 at 18:30.
At approx, 13:00 that afternoon we received news that my mother-in-law had a stroke. Obviously, we went to the hospital and missed the flight.
At 00:18 on Tuesday 05/12/2017 I received an email informing me that both flights had been cancelled, return flight BE4422 on Monday 11/12/2017,
I was told that Flybe automatically cancel all flights if you're a no-show for any flight. I was also informed that I was due no refund.
I wonder how much Flybe got for the seats I had already paid for the return journey?

My mother-in-law is doing ok!

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Economy DSA - TXL 12/2017 1 reactions

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