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Missing Luggage...5 into 7 day trip!!!

This is my first trip to the US & my first (& last time) flying with Icelandair. Arrived in Portland on Saturday 8th September 2018, today is Thursday 13th September 2018, I am nearing the end of my trip and guess what....STILL NO LUGGAGE!!

Despite numerous emails & international calls to their 'customer service's' department, I am still luggage-less & without any information about where my belongings are.

This has been a truly shocking & disappointing experience!

Well done Icelandair for ruining my first trip to the US & what should have been a memorable engagement trip for my partner & I.

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Economy LHR - PDX 09/2018

Avoid this airline

A horrible exprience from start to finish. Booked 2 flights but did them seperately and for some reason 1 had no luggage. I immediately called to...

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Economy LHR - BWI 07/2018

Freebird Airlines with our First Choice Holiday

Used Freebird Airlines for our holiday booked through First Choice. I have flown in many Airbus A320s using most of the European airlines and I can honestly say this was one of the best experiences on an A320 ever. Flights out to Dalaman and back to Cardiff were perfectly on time actually landing a few miins earlier on both legs. On the return flight we were offered extra legroom with exit seats, however I declined these as I knew I would be satisfied with our allocated seats.
Cabin crew were impeccable. Smart, polite, very helpful and extremely friendly. Pilot and Navigator kept everybody fully up to date with flight progress. Aircraft comfort was excellent with decent leg room and in my opinion better than Lufhansa and British Airways and probably Thompson A320s as well.
Freebird Airlines, if by chance you read this, many thanks for two lovely flights, fantastic crew and the running of an extremely pleasurable airline. I would not hesitate to fly with you again.

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Economy CWL - DLM 08/2018

Excellent on board service, poor service on the ground

I cannot complain about the on board service offered by WY. The seat in business beats the first class seat offered by BA as does the standard of the food and refreshments.

The crew were courteous and eager to please. Despite there being delays, the crew kept us up to date with what was happening and kept us supplied with refreshment. Other airlines have refused to open the bar until airborne.

The seat was extremely comfortable and I managed to sleep well, the blanket and pillow were very good quality.

Luggage in business always comes off the aircraft first and minimises the wait at the carousel.

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Business DOH - LHR 06/2018

The worst airlines!

Ukrainian airlines review First of all they gave one seat to 3 different guys ! I guess thats ok , it could happen in any airlines but 3 individuals...

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Economy JFK - KBP 08/2018
Antonio perelman

Its how I imagine the mafia would run an airline, if they were in charge! Avoid like the plague!

I travelled about a month ago to Albania with Wizz and on my return I was meant to take Wizz to Budapest and Ryanair thereafter to London. The night...

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Economy TIA - BUD 08/2018


always late. they have no value for the passengers times & schedules & responsibilities. even though they know very well that those domestic flights are mostly connecting to other flights & mains of transportation. today i missed my other transportation bcuz of their delay. 55 minutes late from dallaman even though its such a quiet & unbusy airport. & only 5minutes before flying the pilot speaks that we r taking off after 5minutes. no opology, no explanation, nothing. boarding time was ,as usual, the flying time. i can't stand it anymore. rudeness & carelessness. the should be qualified to transport sheeps, not humans.

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Economy DLM - SAW 09/2018
Hana H.

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