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I flew from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Tel Aviv, Israel via Casablanca, Morocco and it was the most terrible flight ever! When I arrived at Casablanca to...

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Economy GRU - TLV 02/2017

Rude Cabin Crew and unbelievably slow service

The flight was ready to depart 15 minutes early, then having sat on the tarmac for some time, the captain announced that ground crew had forgotten...

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Economy JSI - LGW 09/2017 1 reactions

Horrible Airlines

Airline stewardess was rude. I had two sweaters stolen out of my baggage and when I got to the hotel called to file a claim. They stated I couldn't since I had to do it immediately after I got off the plane with my luggage. Who checks their baggage immediately after getting off plane says, NOBODY!! I spoke with several customer reps who were straight up rude and even a manager.Nothing was resolved I was SOL. Do not fly with this airlines if you do not have to and at the least CHECK your baggage before leaving the airport. Their employee know they can steal because most people do not check them and they can't get in trouble. Very sad and bad experience and customer service.

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Economy HER - ATH 05/2016

nearly 3 hours late - no reasons or apology given.

The flight was delayed by 3 hours and we were told at check in and given a £7 meal voucher. No other updates were given or reasons for the delay.
We eventually got on the plane and arrived at our destination far later than anticipated meaning we had to drive to our villa in the early hours of the morning - far more tired than we should have been - ruining the first night / day of our holiday.
The airline is extremely basic and whilst the crew on the plane were pleasant and polite they gave no apology or explanation for the delay.

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Economy MAN - EFL 08/2017

Late and lack of transparency from #olympictravel staff

Delayed flight again as also delayed on inbound flight on 13th August. Olympic travel staff didnt have a clue what time the plane was due in. Shambolic. Told to 'go to a local bar and ask for discount' and the staff also said 'well it was on time last week!' like that would help us.
Seems that there are many delays and no one at ASL or Olympic Travel are doing anything to resolve. No one cares. Poor poor service. Excuses given were 'weather over Italy' but yet all other flights had arrived fine. Would not recommend Olympic Travel or ASL to anyone!

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Economy EFL - MAN 08/2017


Worst airline i ever travell. Worst costumer service. They play around with you and lie you all the time. i have a flight from Paris to Nice on the 17 of July 2017. They cancelled our flight. after doing 3 hours line in customer service, Employs very rude with attitude told us they cant do nothing only next day at night the can send us in another flight. We have to buy a ticket in another airline( we need to be in Nice that day). i may the claim on line they said i will have my money back in 14 days. its been more than 2 months. i haven't receive my money yet. Call every day, no answer, send more than 30 e mail no answer. completely scams. DO NOT TRAVEL IN THIS AIRLINE. WORST EXPERIENCE I EVER HAD IN MY LIFE

Economy ORY - NCE 07/2017
carlos salazar

Awful baggage service

Outbound flight managed by China Eastern: chinese staff is not trained to deal with western customers. Old plane, with uncomfortable seats. On both...

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Economy plus PVG - RBA 07/2017
Marco Stamazza

Spirit Airlines really came through for my family...........

So my family and I were booked and ready to go to Cancun in November. It was our first family international vacation ever. I booked Spirit Airlines...

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Economy ATL - CUN 07/2017

Absolutely disturbing

Verry poor easy jet is far superior Like the holiday nightmare wit jet 2 flat was just as bad Was advised work was going on in a hotel that they...

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Economy MHT - TFS 08/2017
Becky fretwell

A horrible experience

Let's start with the staff: very rude and arrogant. They don't smile, and were completely lacking in etiquette. My brother was asking for help on...

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Economy FCO - JFK 08/2017

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