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Edelweiss Air, great holiday airline, where the distance between seats is not the best, but is still acceptable. There was an individual screen in every seat and meals were excellent. The crew was very competent and the plane arrived on time.

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Economy ZRH - MLE More than 3 years 8 reactions 145 views

Very professional and pleasant flight

I had the amazing opportunity of enjoying a special offer from EDELWEISS and we departed on 10/28/2012 to the Maldives, which we know very well :)
The flight with this airline was professional and very pleasant! A brand new plane with individual screens and a great service!
No delays. A very good meal. When is the next special offer? :)


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Economy ZRH - MLE More than 3 years 20 reactions 284 views

Un vol sans faute !

Le service à bord est excellent, nous avons pris Emirates, Quatar, Etihad, Monarch, Sri Lankan pour aller aux Maldives et Edelweiss remporte la palme de loin...

Il y a de la place pour les jambes, les repas sont excellents, les sièges confortables et le PNC aux petits soins.

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Economy ZRH - MLE More than 3 years
Maldives Lover

Très bon service mais confort perfectible

1) Le siège n'est pas très confortable et manque de moelleux : cela se ressent pour un très long courrier ! La distance entre les sièges me parait...

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Economy ZRH - MLE More than 3 years 8 reactions 148 views

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