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An Enjoyable Five Hours

Zurich-LV flight with Edelweiss. We flew on their new Business Class, which had been renovated. The flight was on time. Excellent meal, large...

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Business ZRH - LAS More than 2 years 6 reactions 145 views

The very definition of class!

What an example of high quality service this recent trip to Las Vegas in business class with Edelweiss Air was. Despite it being a very long flight (12 hours), we were pampered from start to finish by the cheerful and highly competent cabin crew.

The cabin of this A330-220 had been refitted a few months previously and the standard of comfort it offered was as good as the business class services provided by the world's big international airlines.

We had the good fortune to get an upgrade at a reduced price five days before departure via SWISS, whose website we used to book the flight.

I recommend this airline. They are a true pleasure to fly with.

Thank you Edelweiss Air, and long may you continue.

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Business ZRH - LAS More than 3 years 24 reactions 276 views

Packed like sardines

Despite the publicity announcing a new arrangements of the seats with more space for the passengers, it is important to note that this is certainly only for business and economy+ classes.

In normal economy class, it was really uncomfortable due to the lack of legroom.
Whenever the passenger in front of you reclines his or her seat, you as if you were suffocating. It is worth noting that the feet of the passenger behind can touch those of the passenger in front, depending of their positions. The new seat arrangement was made in detriment of the economy class. It is also worth mentioning that the screens do not work and this was throughout the entire flight. In economy class, alcoholic beverages were charged extra.

Definitely, if you want to travel with more legroom and enjoy free alcoholic drinks, you have to pay an extra CHF 200.000. I would recommend this airline while strongly advising you to pay this extra charge, especially when flying long distance.

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Economy ZRH - LAS More than 3 years 12 reactions 293 views

Vol agréable

Equipage impeccable, nombreuses boissons proposées, repas correct type star alliance (Lufthansa, etc.).

Ecrans individuels de qualité proposant en particulier de nombreux films. Les informations sur le vol sont très agréables et modernes à consulter. Les avions étaient propres.

Nous avons eu des retards sur chaque trajet mais ceux-ci n'étaient pas imputables à Swiss Air mais plutôt à l'aéroport. Ces retards ont été en partie récupérés en réduisant le temps de vol.

Nous avons pu nous enregistrer en ligne ce qui est très appréciable !

L'espace pour les jambes n'est pas très important mais reste acceptable et se trouve compensé par le fait qu'il s'agit d'un vol direct Europe/Las Vegas. Swiss Air propose plus de destinations qu'Air France par exemple.

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Economy ZRH - LAS More than 2 years 4 reactions 81 views

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