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Overbooking - OS 7117 flight

Overbooking done with no scruples. Apparently this airline has a bad reputation (this information was provided by the staff at the airport, who affirmed that this airline has a reputation for that). Boarding was close (two other passengers, traveling from the other side of the world, had a flight delay - imagine their joy when they learned that the last flight of the day that was supposed to take them to Paris had left without them). We finally gave the places to these two people since we were on standby with our tickets.

Online check-in wasn't available in advance, so it was impossible to avoid the endemic problem in airlines: over-booking.

Otherwise the flight and the service were good. However, I want to warn you that this airline regularly overbooks flights, preferring to leave people ("customers") in a bad situation rather than trying to inform them. In my opinion it's an outrageous practice. You can't randomly play with your customers' schedules like that. There are serious consequences.
Thank you for reading my review.

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Economy VIE - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions 57 views

Nice flight, but bad management by ADP

The airline Niki (affiliated to Air Berlin) is a known low-cost, but its Vienna-Paris flight Monday morning was the first to leave the airport. As...

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Economy VIE - CDG More than 3 years 7 reactions 59 views

Excellent airline

So, apart from a French passenger playing with his mobile while landing and therefore calling for a rather late steward's intervention, it was an...

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Tweet from the airline
Economy VIE - CDG More than 3 years 3 reactions 211 views

This is a very nice airline with a modern fleet

This is a very nice airline with a modern fleet. We really felt safe. The interior was comfortable and clean with beautiful leather seats. Everything was perfect. I recommend this airline.

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Economy VIE - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions

Bonne surprise

Le personnel au sol est très aimable et propose d'enregistrer les bagages à main gratuitement pour qu'ils soien mis en soute si on le désire. Je...

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Economy VIE - CDG 09/2017 4 reactions

Très bien !

Très bon vol, enregistrement facile grace aux bornes Air France. L'aéroport de Vienne est assez petit donc tout se fait simplement. Le personnel est aimable. Malgré un décollage retardé du aux conditions climatiques à Charles De Gaulle nous avons atterri avec un peu d'avance. Le snack proposé à bord (financier aux Framboises) était bon. Je reprendrai Air France pour faire ce trajet à l'avenir.

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Economy VIE - CDG 06/2017

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