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Reliable, High-quality Airline.

The flight was a connecting one and thanks to the effort of the crew and despite the short connection, I caught it without problems.

The crew was very helpful and pleasant; the plane was well maintained and completely safe.

We left with a 20-minute delay and arrived in Tozeur on time. I strongly recommend this airline.

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Economy TUN - TOE More than 2 years

Good Flight.

An interior flight made on an ATR 72. There was pretty much legroom for this kind of plane. There was no entertainment or in-flight entertainment...

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Economy TUN - TOE More than 2 years 11 views


This flight was pleasant and on time. The aircraft was nevertheless a little dilapidated and the service was basic. The seats were a bit damaged and...

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Economy TUN - TOE More than 3 years 1 reactions 19 views

Quick flight; comfortable enough

The plane used for this flight was a short-distance plane with a very limited number of seats (60 seats in economy class). The seats were quite comfortable, but there was not enough legroom.

The level of entertainment on this flight was zero.
There was no radio, magazines, television, or radio.

Nothing was served during the flight.
No meals, snacks, or drinks.

Takeoff and landing were comfortable.
Room temperature.
Enough information was given during flight.

Boarding and check-in were fast enough.

The flight was not on time. There was a delay of 30 minutes.

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Economy TUN - TOE More than 3 years 2 reactions 27 views

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