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Pretty Good.

Since I arrived at the airport a little early I checked my luggage right away.

There was 1 50 lb. piece allowed of luggage per passenger. Anything else was an extra AUD $30. It’s pretty reasonable considering how good the price of the flight is (AUD $129).

Boarding was rather quick and well organized.

They served us a drink and a sandwich on this short flight (not bad for a low-cost airline).

Fast disembarkation from both the front and back of the plane.

Everything about the luggage seemed fine until arrival at the hotel when I found out that the structure had been damaged.

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Economy SYD - MEL More than 2 years 3 views

The flight had some turbulence

The weather at departure was not good at all. As a result the takeoff was really very turbulent, and it lasted until we reached cruising altitude...

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Economy SYD - MEL More than 3 years 31 reactions 153 views

Comfort, efficiency and service. Bravo!

After a violent thunderstorm completely halted air traffic at the Sydney Airport, my flight was delayed by an hour. Qantas' customer counter was...

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Economy SYD - MEL More than 3 years 2 reactions 357 views

Toasts et koalas

Les vols VA de Sydney à Melbourne partent du terminal 2 (domestique) où je vous propose de rejoindre directement le salon qui jouxte le terminal...

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Business SYD - MEL More than 2 years 2 reactions 80 views

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