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Avoid like the plague.

So this wasn’t that expensive, in the end everything is relative, but the service was proportionate: old plane, minimal comfort and above all an...

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Economy SXB - MRS More than 2 years 57 views
Kvn J.


A great flight. Boarding and takeoff were on time, and the arrival in Marseille was early. The flight crew was very professional, cheerful and...

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Economy SXB - MRS More than 2 years 13 reactions 76 views

Flight was fast and without problems.

A flight without checked luggage bought on March 31, 2015 in order to get a rate of only 20 euros/person for a ticket.

Takeoff was at 7 am as scheduled, with at a scheduled arrival time of 8:25am.We landed in Marseilles at 8am, 25 minutes earlier than scheduled.

The departure was at 7 am so the outside temperature was chilly (46°F). They heated up the airplane before taking off which was pleasant.

There wasn’t a lot of space between the seats but that’s not unusual for a low-cost flight.
They offered us a snack in the middle of the flight.

Conclusion: A calm and problem-free flight.
There was nothing wrong with this flight. Plus, it’s rare to arrive a full 25 minutes early.

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Economy SXB - MRS More than 2 years 1 reactions 8 views

Vol rapide

Comme à chaque fois nous choisissons un vol tôt (décollage 6h30) afin de profiter de la journée. Le vol se passe sans encombre, nous avons droit aux...

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Economy SXB - MRS More than 2 years 25 views

Bonne pioche

Embarquement sans problème, siège confortable avec de l'espace pour les jambes, assez rare pour une low cost, personnel accueillant et très...

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Economy SXB - MRS More than 2 years 1 reactions 25 views

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