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A good night flight

This was the second flight on my journey to Australia.
After a long layover at Changi, I got to my departure gate thanks to their integrated subway.
Boarding was on time and all of a sudden I felt more cramped than on the A380. Two young and talkative Singaporeans kept me company.
The space also seemed to have been reduced. We felt more crowded.
They passed out oshibori, another toilet kit and then an in-flight meal that was once more not bad at all—chicken and vegetables as the main dish, served for once by a steward and not a pretty SQ girl.
For entertainment I was happy to listen to a Pink Floyd album before going to sleep, since the video was not that good; the plane seemed to be a little old.
Gifts and drinks were once again offered throughout the entire flight.
The flight lasted "only" a little over 7 hours. We were woken up around 8 am Australian time by a full breakfast: scrambled eggs /sausages, fruit, rolls and coffee.
The landing in Melbourne was smooth and ahead of schedule.
Baggage claim was quick and without problems.

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