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Declining quality and a sloppy flight crew

The flight attendants were not that friendly or helpful.
The food on the menu has not changed. In the 3 years that I've been traveling with this airline, the menu has stayed exactly the same. It makes you wonder how much they really care about keeping their customers.

The size of the flight crew has been reduced. They were also so cheap that when they served me tonic water, they just filled my glass and didn't give me the can. So stingy!

What's more, the menu is exactly the same in both economy class and business class.
If this airline continues this way they are going to lose customers.

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Economy plus SGN - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions 113 views

A temperature of 10 to 12°C inside the cabin

My wife and I were on seats 37E and 37G on the March 12 Vietnam Airlines flight VN11 (Boeing 777) from Ho Chi Minh to Paris – Charles de Gaulle.

The very cold temperature inside the plane really bothered us, making the flight really unpleasant. Along with this very low temperature, there was also an unbearable draft – and all of this despite the sweaters, jackets, and caps. You had to hide under the covers to get warm.

We informed the cabin crew about this, but they told us there was nothing they could do.

Everyone who was at this part of the plane was complaining.

As for the meals and drinks, they were rather mediocre.
We were not at all satisfied with the service. Even in economy class there has to be a minimum level of respect!

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Economy SGN - CDG More than 3 years 5 reactions 274 views

A good company

Paris CDG-Phnom-Penh round trip flight via Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

This was a good flight with an attentive flight crew and a good meal. For the price we paid, it was luxurious.

People leave reviews when they shouldn't. Don't forget that the main goal of an airline is to take its customers to their destination on time. In that area, this is a reliable company (on our trip). The plane was recent, which was reassuring.

France is hardly spoken in Southeast Asia anymore, and this flight crew was no exception. If people want luxury and great comfort, there are more expensive companies for that, you don't have to pay the low prices.

In fact I was more struck by the attitudes of my fellow French passengers on the return flight: they lived up to our reputation. So I guess it's true, not a stereotype.

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Economy SGN - CDG More than 3 years 4 reactions 273 views


The positive points: The plane took off and landed on time and the flight crew was friendly.

The negative points: The seats were so old that there was no longer any upholstery on the seat part.
1 foot-rest out of 2 was broken.
My light didn't work.
We didn't get a movie since the system wasn't working. 12 hours 50 minutes of flying without a movie, my children were delighted.
There were no pre-dinner drinks since the beverages were passed out after the meal, and if you wanted coffee, you had to raise your hand quickly since they went by so fast. Everyone had put on jackets and fleeces since it was so cold.
I travel a lot but I've never made a long-haul flight in conditions like these.

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Economy SGN - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions 276 views

A decent flight

Take-off and landing were fine. No aperitifs. Decent meal, though not enough Asian menu options.
The cabin crew were nice.
Forty-minute delay.
Cramped seat.

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Economy SGN - CDG More than 3 years 8 reactions 464 views

Surbooking vol QR37 doha-cdg

Le vol en lui même n'a pas posé de problème.
Problème très gênant aux guichets zone transit à Doha.
Sur 7 guichets pour avoir le boarding ticket, 3 étaient ouverts. Il m'a fallu attendre 20 minutes pour avoir mon boarding ticket qui aurait dû être délivré à saigon en même temps que les 2 billets de ma femme et ma fille.
J'ai au mon ticket car j'ai montré au monsieur au guichet les 2 tickets délivrés et je n'avaisi aucun problème d'aboir mon ticket.

2 autres passagers Françaus se sont vus signifier que le vol était full et que qatar dédommageait 250 usd pour prendre un autre vol lle lendemain avec escale à Oman !!!

L'un des Français a sorti les règlements et après moultes duscussions, ils ont eu les ticket pour le vol.

Ou c'est full auquel ce n'est pas normal puisque les billets sont résrrvés ou il y magouille quelque part.

Etrange situation de la part de sii-disant la première compagnie de 2019.

Bye bye qatar, je retournerai chez Emirates.

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Economy SGN - CDG 08/2019


J’ai reçu un mail m’annonçant un vol retardé de 22h20 à 22h40. Nous ne sommes pas chez AF et tout se fait en anglais. Attention donc pour ceux qui...

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Economy plus SGN - CDG 10/2018 11 reactions

Vol retour sans commentaires

Enregistré en ligne donc dépose de la valise au comptoir dépose bagage avec un personnel au sol. Pas comme à Paris, il y a du personnel de comptoir.

Voyage sans encombre, service normal, déjeuner et diner, boissons et glaces disponibles pendant le vol.

Personnel de bord classique sans commentaires particuliers sur leur job. Arrivé 30 mn en avance.

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Economy SGN - CDG More than 2 years

Attention, la classe premium n'est pas une vraie !

Nous avons choisi cette compagnie pour essayer leur A350. L'avion est très agréable mais le personnage peu aimable.

La nourriture, vin et mousseux (pas de champagne même en premium !), ne sont vraiment, vraiment pas bon.

Mais le pire c'est que nous avons réservé un vol en classe premium, que nous avons eu à l'aller, mais au retour, il s'agissait de la classe éco avec juste 10 centimètres de plus entre le sièges !

Et la chef de cabine qui nous ment en disant que c'est la même chose sur tous les avions pour la premium !

Je ne recommande vraiment pas cette compagnie.

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Economy plus SGN - CDG More than 3 years

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