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Las Vegas trip

San Francisco to Las Vegas is a very quick trip. It was nice to fly on Virgin America, staff was really nice and we enjoyed a small lunch, very...

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Economy SFO - LAS More than 2 years

A very good flight, no complaints

The plane was a Boeing 737-800 and I have nothing to add about this aircraft. Very clean and recent. There was wi-fi on board but it you had to pay for it and it was expensive, but at least we had the choice to use it or not.

Concerning the onboard experience there are no complaints there either. They offered beverages as well as mints. The flight attendants and pilots were very friendly and helpful.

The flight, including the landing and takeoff, went very well (full disclosure: I am a pilot of small planes).

Both check-in and boarding went smoothly.

I short, a very good company, no complaints.

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Economy SFO - LAS More than 3 years 1 reactions 18 views

A model airline in the American sky!

It’s the second time I ended up flying with Virgin America (VX) and I am still very pleased.

Comfort, modernity, courtesy…they have it all!

Check-in was typical, but quick and professional.
The plane was a brand new Airbus A320. Their fleet is probably a little old already, but they all look as if they had just left the factory. The Americans’ respectful behavior to the material (many light-years ahead of the French passengers) doubtlessly exists for a reason. The cabin featured ambient mood lighting and a comfortable seats with personal touchscreens. The cabin was in shades of red and white (the airline’s colors).

The cabin crew was young and dynamic.
Very original demonstration announcements on the screen (very humorous).

The complimentary part of the meal was minimal (one drink), but enough considering the time of the flight (one hour and ten minutes). Everything else was charged extra (don’t forget this is a low-cost). You can order a drink through the touchscreen (modernity can be nice), avoiding the incessant noise of the personnel calls.

There were long delays in both departure and arrival (due to the climate).

I recommend this airline and I would gladly fly with them again!

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Economy SFO - LAS More than 3 years 5 reactions 19 views
Love is in the Air

Very nice flight

Very nice flight, honest price, departure and arrival on time.
The ground crew was very professional, boarding was on time, the flight went without a hassle, nothing to complain about!
A very good low-cost, with a quality service!

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Economy SFO - LAS More than 3 years 6 reactions 19 views

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