St. Maarten Esperance - Pointe A Pitre

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Radio Silence.

Lack of information with this airline. There was a one-hour wait at the airport without any news and no one there to tell us about any kind of delay.

When we arrived there was a 2nd surprise: the luggage had stayed in Saint-Martin. The airline was supposed to call us in the afternoon, but once again we got radio silence, even after several calls.

We had to go to the airport to see if the luggage had arrived and it was just pure luck that we were able to recover them at all.

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Economy SFG - PTP More than 3 years

A good regional flight

We arrived at the check-in counter about 1 hour before departure. The check-in didn't start until a half-hour before takeoff. The staff was...

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Economy SFG - PTP More than 3 years 30 views

A fresh disappointment

I took this flight to catch a connecting flight departing from Point-à-Pitre. As I didn't have any exact check-in time, I arrived at Saint Martin's...

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Economy SFG - PTP More than 3 years 12 reactions 57 views

Still not a good flight

Very average flight because we arrived at night. There was a lot of turbulence, with go-around landings (only one, but well...). No meals, just...

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Economy SFG - PTP More than 3 years 3 reactions 44 views

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