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Absolutely Perfect Flight.

Once again everything was flawless. Despite lots of confusion in the departure lounge in Rhodes (all of the passengers on two different flights, one for Lyon and the other for Linz, had to change flight in the room in 10 minutes), the flight took off and we arrived in Lyon 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Great flight without a single problem.

The crew as as friendly as they were helpful; we've been seeing more and more crew members who speak French on flights going to and from our area.

I was lucky enough to travel in the first seat, 1A, a seat usually reserved for business travelers and not vacationers. Lots and lots of legroom and a great view from the window during the trip.

This was by far the best flight of all the one's I've taken to date.
Bravo, Aegean Airlines.

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Economy RHO - LYS More than 2 years

Bonne surprise !

Nous étions un peu craintifs sur notre vol de retour de vacances avec la compagnie Small Planet Airlines, à la vue des commentaires négatifs lus sur...

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Economy RHO - LYS More than 3 years 18 reactions 142 views

Plus jamais

Bonjour, je dois prendre un vol pour rentrer en France de Rhode vers Lyon. Le vol a pour le moment 10 de retard. C'est une honte et on a aucune...

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Economy RHO - LYS More than 3 years 5 reactions 71 views

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