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This is the second time I've used this airline. During our first flight none of the staff spoke French and the airplane was old (this was in 2014).

This time it was a pleasant surprise to have a French pilot. The flight attendants were also French and very pleasant, and they knew how to make me and my son comfortable.

A nice improvement.

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Economy RHO - CDG 05/2016

An airline that endangers the lives of its passengers

I second fanfan77's review. I was on the same Rhodes-Paris flight and I would just like to add one thing: before landing they had to drop hundreds...

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Economy RHO - CDG 10/2015 13 reactions 842 views

1 hostess was crying, the 2nd was on her knees praying

The departure flight from Paris to Rhodes was delayed by 5 hours.
On the return flight, there was a 12-hour delay with the transfer.
15 minutes after takeoff, they announced that there was a technical problem. The landing gear couldn't retract and we had to have a layover in Athens. Considering the weather, a big thunderstorm, there were too many risks for landing and we had to return to Rhodes.

The flight attendants were incompetent, they provided no information that might reassure the passengers: 1 flight attendant was crying and the 2nd was on her knees praying. Horrible. They didn't serve a single drink to the passengers.

At the end of 3 hours we finally landed in Rhodes.
The company tried to compensate to letting us leave on the same plane. That was inconceivable after the trauma we went through.

There was no legroom and the seat was in bad shape with a rod poking into your back. There was only 1 person at the baggage check-in, which made for a long wait.
The moving walkway at the airport didn't work.
Astra is an airline to avoid, and which is also in judicial liquidation. It should be put on the blacklist.

(Look at a review from another passenger on the flight: http://fr.whattheflight.com/compagnies-a...

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Economy RHO - CDG 10/2015 29 reactions 478 views

Small Planet Airlines un cauchemar

2 heures de retard à l'aller, 7 heures au retour.

Sièges inconfortables et surtout très peu d'espace.

Service à bord bof et le pilote annonce l'atterrissage à Heraklion alors qu'on a atterri à Rhodes.

Je demande réclamation et dédommagement pour ce vol, dû à l'incompétence du personnel et je déconseille à tout le monde cette compagnie.

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Economy RHO - CDG 05/2017

Très bien

Avion Airbus 320 plus ancien qu'à l'aller, pas de vidéo ni de plan de vol donc 3h30 c'est long !

Sinon rien à redire, repas chaud, personnel aimable, espacement fauteuils correct.

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Economy RHO - CDG 05/2016 6 views

Honteux! Je ne recommande absolument pas

Vol de retour de notre semaine en Grèce l'été dernier. Nous sommes passés par VOYAGE PRIVE pour réserver notre voyage. Niveau confort, conditions...

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Economy RHO - CDG More than 3 years 5 reactions 179 views

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