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Too bad

We chose Air Caraïbes to get to Guadeloupe, and for a reason that we learned, our plane had to be replaced by another, which had been subleased to a Portuguese charter airline.

The Portuguese crew was very nice and professional, the opposite of the two Air Caraïbes stewardesses who had boarded and then hid for the rest of the flight.
As an apology, they served us (almost) unlimited punch. On the other hand when it came to multimedia equipment, there were no individual screens (a charter plane) and the collective screens only had 4 movies with English subtitles.

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Economy ORY - PTP More than 3 years 2 reactions 125 views

Return from Guadeloupe

Return flight of a round trip, with Air Caraïbes again. Departure was at the scheduled time, the flight lasted the expected time. The meals were good and the staff was friendly.

In terms of movies available, there was a good selection of recent films. The baggage claim after we arrived was still really long, but that's not the airline company's fault, just a usual problem with the ground crew.

A pleasant trip overall.

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Business ORY - PTP More than 3 years 1 reactions 74 views

A long flight

Air Caraïbes, an airline company serving the Antilles has a competent, cheerful, friendly and pleasant staff.

The meals were good. They were often local meals, which the passengers visibly appreciated.

The legroom was too small, just like the size of the seats; the same problem as on Air-France. A makeover of the economy cabins would go a long way.

As for the schedule, I hate having to wait for passengers who don't make the effort to be on time. If they haven't boarded after that many announcements, I don't see why all of the other passengers who have already boarded have to wait. If these people were taking the train, I doubt think that the railway company would bother to wait for them.

Recovering out luggage also took a long time, a very long time at Pointe-à-Pitre. Some efforts at improvement could be made there as well.

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Economy ORY - PTP More than 3 years 6 reactions 62 views

Flight to Guadaloupe

We left Paris Orly (South) on 25 January on a 747, flight SS926. The airline was excellent on every level: punctuality; friendliness of the cabin...

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Reply from the airline
Economy ORY - PTP More than 3 years 11 reactions 547 views

We were very disappointed

Wednesday 8 January 2014, outbound flight to Pointe à Pitre (SS926 operated by "Corsair" in partnership with "Air Caraïbes") operated by "Pullman Air", with no forewarning.

There was a two hour wait onboard the plane: problems getting the containers into the baggage hold then an extended delay because we had to wait for the flight plan.

No information but the temperature onboard was fine. Cabin crew were "invisible".
We had to separate (there were six of us) because a place equipped with an oxygen mask was needed for a father and son!

TV screen at the seat wasn't working, and the trays weren't fixed in place properly (the meal tray fell!). It was impossible to keep the back of the chair in the seated position...

The hostess refused to provide an aperitif (the bottle was empty!)
No snacks (just two dry biscuits) or drinks during the flight.
No flight information from after taking off and right up to arrival.

Wednesday 15 January 2014: return flight to Paris (TX 543 operated by "Air Caraïbes")
Perfect flight: on time, pleasant and available cabin crew; tray meal and breakfast both good. Drinks on demand.

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Economy ORY - PTP More than 3 years 7 reactions 429 views


Vol air France sur B 777 COI. Classe business ancienne configuration mais confortable. A noter que l'écran vidéo n'est pas HD et au format 4/3. Je...

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Business ORY - PTP 01/2018 3 reactions

Très bon vol

Vol agréable vers Pointe à pitre, très peu de turbulences, équipage souriant et agréable. Décollage et atterrissage au top! Et fait très rare ...

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Economy ORY - PTP 04/2018

un équipement video un peu ancien

L'embarquement à Orly dans une salle exigüe était une foire d'empoigne. Ce vol a été parfaitement ponctuel , calme dans de très bonnes conditions climatique, une assez bonne ergonomie du fauteuil mais l'équipement video est obsolète et peu confortable du point de vue visuel, l'offre en choix de film n'est pas au niveau de la concurrence des compagnies du Moyen Orient, les repas étaient d' un attrait très moyens sans choix possible, peu en rapport avec ce qu' on peut attendre dans un moment où on a rien d'autre à faire.

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Economy ORY - PTP 01/2018

Vol sans histoire

...mais j'aurais apprécié de disposer d'un écran opérationnel...le PNC s'est pourtant démèné...mais en vain !!!

La qualité de la nourriture est réellement médiocre pour rester poli

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Economy ORY - PTP 11/2017

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