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Probably one of the worst airline to fly

Flight from Paris to Rome at 9h00 was canceled. Have called Vueling hotline a day before because was having trouble to do my check-in online, gave my flight and passenger numbers and people did not inform me that the flight had been canceled, but company did not inform customers. Airport customer service agent were unhelpful when questioned about the delay. No assistance, no help, no refund.

At 18h00 passengers were held at buses, doors and windows locked, under the sun for more than 45 minutes, before boarding at the aircraft all of this culminated in my not checking into my hotel until 22h30 !

I will not be fooled into travelling Vueling again!

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Economy ORY - FCO More than 2 years 2 reactions 9 views

Weekend in Rome

Nice flight, even if Easy Jet is not the nicest of airlines, with its military style organisation! Otherwise good comfort for the money and also for...

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Economy ORY - FCO More than 3 years 2 reactions 130 views

A very good flight

First time with Vueling, and it was a good experience.
Check-in and boarding were quick and the staff efficient.
The crew were polite and the air hostesses were nicely dressed.
The flight information was clear and the ambient music before take-off and landing was pleasant. There were no meals. There were no problems with the baggage. There was a small delay on the outbound flight, but no delays on the return.

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Economy ORY - FCO More than 3 years 5 reactions 134 views

Outbound and return flights perfect!

Departure from Paris, destination Rome.
I'd seen lots of negative opinions about this airline beforehand (delays, losses). I'm in no way masochistic, but this airline was the only one matching my timetable and budget.
So I reserved on-line, and my first shock was the charge (12 E) for payment by card. So be it then.
Once at the airport had no trouble boarding with my hand luggage, which was slightly larger than the maximum allowed. The plane was dead on time.
On board I was expecting to find those old seats (you know, the ones covered in dust and dust mites) typical of low cost airlines. Imagine my surprise when I sat down and the seats, in grey leather (fake?), were comfortable and impeccable. So a plus point for that!
There are also Spanish magazines available for free. The hostesses are smiling, pretty and willing to help (though they only speak Spanish or English).
We landed 10 mins AHEAD OF SCHEDULE on both the outbound and return flights :D
I can therefore enthusiastically RECOMMEND this airline for its punctuality and its planes!

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Economy plus ORY - FCO More than 3 years 71 reactions 4,6k views
Nicolas D.


Franchement aucune critique à faire ni sur l'avion lui même (place, propreté, sécurité....) un airbus A 320, nui sur ls horaires, partis à l'heure arrivés avec 1/4 d'heure d'avance, ni sur l ' équipage souriant et aimable .
Bref un excellent voyage

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Economy ORY - FCO 12/2017


Ma première expérience avec Easy Jet et je suis ravi;
Avion propre , visiblement en bon état ( Airbus 320) personnel très attentif,sentiment de sécuritéà bord, formalités très faciles, service low cost classique et sans surprise, décollé en avance, arrivé en avance, je suis prêt à repartir !!!!!
le bémol ? je trouve la déco( couleurs) de la cabine un peu triste

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Economy ORY - FCO 12/2016

Le sourire : en option auprès du personnel.

J'ai effectué un aller retour Paris-Rome avec la compagnie Vueling.

Je n'ai pas trouvé le personnel au sol et à bord de l'appareil souriant (et c'est un euphémisme), ni d'une grande amabilité.

C'est dommage.

De plus, au retour, la carte d'embarquement a indiqué une porte d'accès qui n'a pas finalement été celle que les passagers ont empruntée.

En revanche, sur la ponctualité, rien à redire.

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Economy ORY - FCO More than 2 years 2 views

Pas très engageant

Enregistrement en ligne parfait. Un peu le bazar à Orly au moment de l'embarquement. Petit regard vers le pilote et surprise son siège est déchiré (mousse apparente sur tout le côté visible). Appareil vieux et peu de places pour les jambes. Le vol se passe parfaitement bien et arrivée à l'heure prévue.

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Economy ORY - FCO More than 2 years

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