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Airline in Decline.

The departure flight was scheduled for 11:00 am and rescheduled for 4:00 pm. That + 5 hours of driving = 14 hours of travel. Instead of chartering...

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Economy ORY - ALG More than 3 years 5 reactions 155 views

Very pleasant flight

The flight was on time, even a little ahead of schedule. Boarding at Orly was done well. Only one flight attendant was unfriendly, with a couple who...

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Reply from the airline
Economy ORY - ALG More than 3 years 1 reactions 110 views


Typical of Air Algerie! Delays, an arrogant and ancient crew, and a cold welcome, far from the traditional Mediterranean hospitality. There was no in-flight entertainment (no screen), the decoration dated back to the 90s, and the other passengers were extremely noisy. It’s important to note, however, that the meal was very good—this is one of the reasons that makes me stay with this airline. I have to say that I often go to Algeria for my work (almost every week) and Air Algerie treats their bi-national workers well (little wait at the boarding gates and customs, a taxi that waits for us in front of the airport, etc.). As for the rest, I remain disappointed by their service and the pitiful state of the airplanes.

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Business ORY - ALG More than 3 years 3 reactions 163 views

My excellent flight

My congratulations to all of you for this trip to Algeria. Marvellous, I'll never forget it, it was brilliant. All the employees do a great job. My...

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Tweet from the airline
Economy ORY - ALG More than 3 years 8 reactions 92 views

Aucun respect du client

Voyage annulé du jour au lendemain sans aucunes explications ! Juste un texto ! Aucun geste commercial pour se rattraper ni mot d’excuse de la part...

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Comment from the airline
Economy ORY - ALG 06/2018 3 reactions


VOL ZI259 parti à l'heure. L'enregistrement et l'embarquement à Paris se sont faits calmement. Le décollage et l'atterrissage ont été corrects...

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Reply from the airline
Economy ORY - ALG 05/2018


Dossier SBOGEV. Ma fille Kenza réserve un billet pour sa maman (Malika). Elle utilise sa propre CB et ...elle devient, MALGRÉ ELLE la...passagère. Nous appelons pour changer le prénom et RACKETT AZUR NE NOUS LAISSE LE CHOIX que d'être remboursés 60 euros au lieu des 217 euros payés... Bande d'escrocs bureaucrates !!

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Economy ORY - ALG 05/2018


Retard de 15 heures Compagnie gérer comme une épicerie Le personnel est exemplaire souriant malgré leur condition de travail très dure (salaire...

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Reply from the airline
Economy ORY - ALG 07/2017 3 reactions

Personnel nul, Zero

Je pense que c'est la dernière fois que je voyage avec cette compagnie. Le personnel pas du tout accueillant et même méchant avec les clients. Aucun...

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Comment from the airline
Economy ORY - ALG 08/2017 4 reactions

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