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Pleasant Trip.

The departure flight was on a Boeing so it was a little old but comfortable. Departure was on time.

Cheerful staff, a sandwich (it was mediocre, but that's still a lot for a low-cost flight) was served free with a beverage.

The arrival was on-time.

The return flight was on an Airbus A-320 that was of course much more comfortable, left on time and arrived early.

Same conditions: flight crew was helpful and gracious, the sandwich was like the one on the departure flight, etc.

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Economy NTE - HER 06/2016
Denis R.

Everything Went Well.

After reading reviews (almost all negative), we were apprehensive about using this airline on May 21 and 28, 2016, on the Nantes - Heraklion route.

Impeccable takeoff and normal flight but there was a huge windstorm from the Sahara over Crete.

Turbulences +++ and a very scary landing.

"Bravo for the pilot" said a colleague from a French airline, a passenger like us. (The morning planes tried to land 3 or 4 times before going to land in Chania or or Athens).

Perfect return flight with a smooth landing. The flight crew was very pleasant; of course the sandwich wasn't terrible but they offered various.
That's rare on a low-cost flight.

The Airbus was very clean.

Obviously the comfort on some of the seats left something to be desired because of a bar in the back.

So, future passengers, don't worry, just enjoy the flight.

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Economy NTE - HER 05/2016 12 views

Everything was very nice

Yes, OK, there was a delay on the return flight (2 hours) with no explanation. But apart from that, no complaints. This was the first time that I've seen such a short flight serve breakfast in the morning and a meal in the evening. The crew was cheerful and nice. The landing was very calm, although I wasn't since I have a huge fear of flying. I'm satisfied with this flight.

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Economy NTE - HER 08/2015 22 views
Carole C.

Nantes-Heraklion flight

We were scheduled to take off at 9:40 am but we actually left for Crete at 5:55 pm. But this airline does this often, so . . . Luckily the flight...

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Economy NTE - HER More than 3 years 9 reactions 666 views


Bien que je sois passé par une agence de voyage afin d'acheter un voyage Heliade, je me retrouve à voyager dans un car de brousse : 220 passagers...

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Economy plus NTE - HER 05/2017 2 reactions

Bon vol mais...

Tout d'abord les points positifs de notre vol :

Sièges spacieux et confortables.
Le repas était bon et les hôtesses presque toutes souriantes !
Espace propre. Vol agréable sans décollage ni atterrissage remuant !

Il n'y a non plus rien à redire sur la ponctualité.

Le gros point noir concerne les bagages. depuis que nous voyageons (10 ans), nous n'avons jamais retrouvé nos valises dans cet état.

Je comprends bien évidemment qu'il est impossible aux personnes chargées des bagages d'être trop attentionnées mais là, je pense qu'ils les ont lancés directement des tapis à la soute ! Sur 7 valises, 6 étaient cabossées avec des rayures énormes. La housse d'une était sale et déchirée. Une valise coûte cher et 2 des miennes étaient neuves. Il faudra peut être que je prévois des valises blindées pour la prochaine fois !

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Economy NTE - HER 06/2016

Bonne compagnie

Vol Nantes heraklion. Tout c'est très bien passe à l'aller comme au retour. Décollage et atterrissage nickel, information du pilote pendant le vol...

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Comment from the airline
Economy NTE - HER 09/2015 3 reactions 156 views

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