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Very Good Low-Cost Flight.

Takeoff was on time. The flight crew was friendly, there was a little message from the pilot and takeoff and landing were smooth. The seats were...

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Economy LYS - OLB 06/2016 1 reactions


Departure was on time. There was a pleasant and friendly crew, and I was careful to choose the speed boarding option and get enough legroom, so it was very good.

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Economy LYS - OLB 08/2015 12 views

A perfect flight with Air Travel Service

The flight was on time and the plane was clean and new. Until now I have only traveled on Air France because I have a fear of flying, but I was...

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Economy LYS - OLB More than 2 years 7 reactions 373 views

Au top comme d'habitude !

Enregistrement à l'heure et départ à l'heure.

Vol agréable.

Nous sommes partis avec un bébé de 7 mois, hôtesse très agréable avec nous.

Après plusieurs vol sur easyJet nous ne sommes toujours pas déçus.

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Economy LYS - OLB 08/2016

Bon vol

Un vol agréable, aucun soucis en particulier personnel agréable.

Très bon décollage et atterrissage, bonne ponctualité, comme d'habitude chez Easyjet.

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Economy LYS - OLB 08/2015

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