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Good Flight.

Very early departure, no problem checking in, friendly crew who spoke English and French and a good flight. The seats were close together but that's the way it is with most airlines.

There was a half-hour delay on the return but the plane was brand new and the crew was very friendly. In summary, a very good company.

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Economy LYS - FUE More than 3 years

An impeccable flight

I was a little afraid after reading certain reviews as well as knowing about the delays that are common with charters, but for us everything went well on both the departure flight and the return.

There was just a little on-hour delay for the departure and none on the return.

The plane was in good shape. The staff spoke French but it was not obvious they understood it. However, it was a charter flight so that might be too much to ask anyway.

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Economy LYS - FUE More than 3 years 1 reactions 50 views

Very good flight

Despite everything they say about this airline, we were very happy with them. We flew out to Fuerteventura on the 3rd of May and then back again on the 10th.

We were served one drink on the outbound flight and two free drinks on the return flight. There was at least one stewardess who could speak French each time. The only thing to mention is that the two planes undoubtedly had plenty of miles on the clock as the seats had lost some of their spring.

The planes were very clean and took off on schedule each time. So we personally, therefore, don't have any reason to criticize this airline.

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Economy LYS - FUE More than 3 years 1 reactions 494 views

An excellent airline

Pretty recent aircraft and a friendly flight crew. The round trip voyage went well. Departures and arrivals were on time. Not a lot of space between the seats.
I would use this airline again without hesitation.

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Economy LYS - FUE More than 3 years 4 reactions 302 views

Low-cost/100% real charter

The flight was announced with a 1/4 hour delay.
The plane was old (a Boeing 737-800) and the interior was dirty.
The pockets of some of the seats were torn off, the armrests didn't work anymore and there was not a copy of the security instructions for every seat.
In short, you could tell right away that you weren't on a luxury flight.
The airline was Czech, and I am pretty sure we didn't hear a word of French.
It was worse than that: even the flight crew's English was barely comprehensible. Everything on the flight cost extra.
"Hard" landing.
In short, it was barely tolerable.

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Economy LYS - FUE More than 3 years 5 reactions 283 views
Pascal G.

Calm flight

We flew to Fuerteventura on the 27 July 2013 with Travel Service Airlines. I've got to admit I have nothing negative to say about this airline, except that the Boeing 737 for the outbound flight seemed like an old one. Once criticism however: none of the personnel speak French. You have to get by in English if you want to make yourself understood.

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Economy LYS - FUE More than 3 years 12 reactions 181 views

Very good, on time, nice cabin crew, nothing to report

Very nice, comfortable plane
Meals and drinks are paid for onboard... that's normal considering the price of the flight
Not cold on the plane
Pleasant flight

Very nice cabin crew
Information provided during the flight ok
Plane comfortable
Very good take-off and landing

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Economy LYS - FUE More than 3 years 5 reactions 771 views

Très moyen

Ne pas compter sur la compagnie pour vous ravitailler en eau ou en nourriture. En 5h de vol Aucun passage pour proposer un verre d'eau mis à part des boissons payantes, avec une arrivée à destination finale à 21h la compagnie n'avait prévu qu'une 15aine de sandwich profitant uniquement aux premiers rangs les autres devant assouvir leur faim à coup de Pringles ou "croissants".
L'atterrissage à notre escale à Bordeaux fut brutale et pire encore à notre arrivée à Fuerteventura arrachant quelques cris apeurés aux passagers.

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Economy LYS - FUE More than 2 years

Un très bon vol

Départ sans encombres. Premier vol de la journée (05h00). Avion propre (BOEING 737-800). Personnel (PNC) français accueillant, souriant, attentif...

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Economy LYS - FUE More than 3 years 2 reactions

Compagnie à ne pas prendre

Notre vol réservé quelques semaines avant a été des plus chaotiques, ce demandant si le commandant avait sorti le train d'atterrissage.
Dossier inconfortable et hôtesses de l'air pas du tout aimables !
Informations du vol incompréhensibles.
Et au retour plus d'une heure de retard et sans excuse de la part du commandant et des hôtesses.

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Economy LYS - FUE More than 3 years 2 reactions 148 views

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