Gran Canaria, Las Palmas - Nantes

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Great flight experience

Great on time performance of Volotea.

There was no queing at boarding.

Flight attendants guided passengers from door to their seats.

Flight attendants really tried to comply with passenger wishes.

There were 4 Flight Attendants for 60 passengers.

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Economy LPA - NTE 01/2017

Very Good, Unexpectedly.

ENT flight 919. There were no problems and nevertheless I had been really afraid of flying with this airline because of the reviews I'd read beforehand.

I left with trepidation because of the terrible things I'd heard about the airline. The 2 flights to Las Palmas and back were first-rate. No delay, OK flight, good service (standard low-cost).

Landing in Las Palmas was chaotic but that was understandable considering the heavy winds. So go ahead and take this airline, and don't do what I did and believe the negative reviews you read before you leave.

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Economy LPA - NTE More than 2 years


The plane was in horrible shape, with sagging seats that didn't stay upright and a barely friendly flight crew. I didn't feel safe during the flight.

The only positive thing was that we left on time.

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Economy LPA - NTE More than 2 years 1 reactions

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