London Gatwick - Corfu

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No problems whatsoever

Excellent for budget airline, but obviously not when compared with full price. i was dreading this flight, having read innumerable excoriations on...

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Economy LGW - CFU 05/2018 6 reactions


The flight was meant to be a Small planet airlines flight but we turned up at the gate to Travel service. I had never head of them before and didnt know what to expect.

The aircraft was immaculate and the cabin crew were very friendly.

The seats were comfortable and the food was great! The captain kept us updated throughout the flight and the landing was smooth.

There was no in TV and I didn't try the radio but the magazines were ok.

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Economy LGW - CFU More than 3 years

A good flight and an efficient crew.

At the end of the summer I tends to try and get away cheaply to somewhere not too far away and with a bit of sun. Corfu was the choice and the...

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Economy LGW - CFU More than 3 years 9 reactions 24 views

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