Kuala Lumpur - Bangkok

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Delayed Flight.

They announced the wrong gate: B8 instead of H2. The usual "organization" in KL. Boarding was on time but takeoff was 25 minutes late, which is...

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Economy KUL - BKK 08/2016

Pleasant Flight

There was a lot of space since I was in business class with no one next to me. There was a good lunch in the lounge, with a large choice of...

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Business KUL - BKK 12/2015 1 reactions 25 views

Upgraded flight

On the return flight, they made an offer for an upgrade, which was validated. Pleasant lounge. Takeoff was 5 minutes early. I didn't have any...

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Business KUL - BKK 07/2015 1 reactions 128 views

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