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Return to Paris

This return flight on Icelandair was stress-free, despite the one-hour delay of the plane's departure. On the plane there was beverage service and a screen for each passenger with TV series, movies and cartoons available (I watched 6 episodes of Friends :D) in English. On the other hand, I thought that the legroom was a little limited—I squirmed a lot. Besides that, takeoff and landing were smooth. The flight crew was very friendly, they even offered me a small pillow for sleeping since it was more comfortable that way ;)

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Economy KEF - CDG More than 2 years 3 reactions 145 views


Departure was delayed because cargo had to loaded into the airplane.

The landing was one of the worst I have ever experienced (I have flown more than 1000 hours).
Inexperienced pilot?

We really thought the wing of the plane would touch the ground. The plane violently bounced three times and braked in a terrible way. There were screams in the plane and, of course, no explanation was given.

Our family has had enough of Icelandair.

They charge for everything. Even low-cost airlines are better. 7 € for headphones, no flight information.

Check-in was chaotic.

Everything about this airline is bad.

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Economy KEF - CDG More than 3 years 6 reactions 429 views

No complaints

As with the outward flight, we took Icelandair to return to France.
Once again, we found the crew to be very professional and pleasant, the seats to be comfortable, and the airline to be particularly on time. Even better, we again arrived a little early.

You really feel safe with them and the in-flight services they offer are good to pass the time.

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Economy KEF - CDG More than 3 years 7 reactions 348 views

Very punctual flight, but average comfort

In terms of comfort, it's basic. Leg room is small, no room to move feet.
No entertainment on board, only the airline magazines in front of you.
No meal or snacks. Drinks for a fee.
Take off and landing very punctual, which is appreciated.
A little warm during the flight.
Little or no in-flight information.
Quick boarding and baggage check.
Flight attendants nice and cheerful.

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Economy KEF - CDG More than 3 years 9 reactions 95 views

Return flight from the land of the trolls ^^

There was a major delay linked to the volcano eyol's eruption... (3 h 30 min)

Plus points:
- plane (B757-200W) was a more recent one than on the outbound flight
- smiling cabin crew
- plane wasn't very full, making it possible to get comfortable
- in-flight entertainment system at each seat: a chance to discover the local music and an interesting choice of films on offer

Minus points:
- no catering
- missed the connecting train at CDG!

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Economy KEF - CDG More than 3 years 7 reactions 409 views

Wow Air est raciste et racket ses clients - À EVITER et même à interdire

Wow Air = RACISTE = RACKET = SERVICE NUL Mon épouse et moi avons pris un vol Paris Reykjavik avec 2 bagages cabines aux normes Au vol retour ma...

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Economy KEF - CDG 06/2017 6 reactions

C'est la galère et la misère !

Des retards, des retards et encore du retard... Avec Wow Air on ne sait pas à quelle heure on part ! Au lieu d'arriver à 17h à notre destination, nous sommes arrivées à 22h00 ! 5 heures de retard ! Une honte.

Dans les avions, aucune boisson ni nourriture n'est servie... Tout juste de l'eau ! Pas d'écran pour regarder film ou série pendant un trajet qui dure en moyenne 6h30 ! Les bagages en supplément ! Une honte encore une fois !

Je ne remettrai plus jamais les pieds dans un de leurs avions ! Une honte, honte, honte !

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Economy KEF - CDG 01/2017

Compagnie d'escrocs

Un très mauvais souvenir au comptoir de Keflavik airport. Les agents vous considèrent comme du bétail, franchement antipathique.

On s'est vu payé un supplément de 40 euros pour un vanity qui n'a même pas était en soute au final, leur gabarit est juste inadmissible.

Cette petite malle est toujours passée en cabine avec les autres compagnies.

On ne vous donne aucune indication pour vous orienter dans l'aéroport. À bord, le personnel est toute fois correct et le vol s'est bien déroulé.

Au final, dommage que l'accueil de cette compagnie soit si lamentable, car ça leur fera perdre beaucoup de clients qui préféreront Icelandair au prochain coup.

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Economy KEF - CDG 11/2016

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