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Never fly FlyDubai

I booked a flight for my family ( my husband, myself and 4 children) . Our return tickets costs me around $6000. There was not free entertainment on the flight for children, like cartoons or movies. Have to pay $35 per person. The food was absolutely not eatable, even for an adult. On the way back, we were served rice with creamy white sauce chicken with carrots. Children refused to eat it. I managed to feed one of my daughter with carrots. Right after the flight she vomit. During the flight the amount of water we received was 30 ml per person. It was 5 hours flight. The temperature during the flight was + 35 degrees celcius. Children were so hot.
I would never ever fly this airline again. It was terrible experience for the whole family. I would rather pay more and get Emirates. The reason I choose to fly FlyDubai was the better schedule for my children in comparison with Emirates for this route.

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Economy KBP - DXB 12/2019

Good budget airline to travel

My journey with them was quite good. Since it’s a budget airline so you need to make sure that your expectation is also as per your selection. Seat...

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Economy plus KBP - DXB 11/2019 19 reactions

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