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A 777-300ER for a 1 Hour Flight.

Return flight to CDG via BKK.

Thai works hard each night to take all of the tourists to its Bangkok hub in order to re-send them throughout the world.

The plane arrived late but there was express cleaning express and express boarding was a little more chaotic. Considering Asian rigor, it was surprising to see boarding that was carefully arranged by row.

Departure was delayed, one-hour flight. There was a small difference from the 320 of the departure flight: in-flight entertainment, not all that useful on a one-hour flight but always appreciated.

They still had the little box with a small snack of juice, sandwich and muffin. Average quality.

We couldn't expect more from such a short flight anyway.

Arrival with only a short delay, rapid disembarkation.

The flight crew was still pretty consistent. Thorough, serious and professional.

The big advantage over the 777-300ER was a 32" pitch, which we appreciated.

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Economy HKT - BKK More than 3 years
Love is in the Air

Nice boutique!

Bangkok Airways defines itself as Asia’s “boutique airline” and its approach is really nice and customer-oriented. Colorful planes, a singing and...

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Economy HKT - BKK More than 3 years 186 reactions 605 views

Here is why it is a great company

Phuket->Bangkok, then Bangkok -> Paris with Thaï Airways I took a risk with only 50min interconnection time. I picked the 2 flights separetly. What...

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Economy HKT - BKK More than 3 years 4 reactions 22 views

Un vol correct

Bangkok airways est une petite compagnie. Les avions a320 sont propres. Le décollage et l'embarquement sont ponctuels. Les pnc sont sérieux mais pas souriant du tout. Même certains, on dirait des plaques de marbres. La collation servie à bord est correcte pour une compagnie asiatique. Je recommande cette compagnie pour des cours trajets mais pas au dela.

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Economy HKT - BKK More than 3 years 3 reactions 271 views

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