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Delay but good service

I flew from Geneva to Montréal with Air Canada. There was unfortunately 3 hours delay, but they didn't tell the reason. Later, I knew that there had been a storm in Canada and the incoming flight from Montréal to Geneva had been delayed.

Anyways, Air Canada provided us with a voucher to have a lunch at the airport in Geneva. On the plane, the entertainment was good with a large choice of films. The meal was good and without additional costs I received a special menu, as asked in my booking.

As I had a connecting flight, which I missed in Montréal, Air Canada provided me with a new ticket and another voucher for a meal in the intercanadian flight (where you have to pay for food). There was however a negative point which has nothing to do with Air Canada: the customs in Montréal is extremely slow and the airport personal mostly unfriendly, which is very unusual in Québec.

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Economy GVA - YUL More than 3 years 1 views

Good but nothing extra

Air Canada should do a better job spreading its passengers out. The flight went from Geneva - Montreal - Toronto, so having to move people around only to land in Montreal in a plane that was not 100% full is too bad. On the other hand they were very, very good at following the schedule. The meal was good, and the temperature in the plane and the entertainment were also good. The in-flight information was a bit plodding. The takeoff and landing phases were comfortable. Another very, very good point was that they accepted a musical instrument that was a little oversized for a carry-on. Very good service and bravo for this airline's customer service. The airline's office in Geneva was very informative and so was the flight crew. I kept the same comfortable seat on the A330-300. On the other hand the Montreal airport is small, but OK, all you have to do there is leave the plane.

On the return flight, thanks for the connection between the internal and long-haul flights.

I recommend Air Canada

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Economy GVA - YUL More than 3 years 2 reactions 28 views

Acceptable flight, nothing more

An OK flight to Montreal. Just a note about the flight crew: not a lot of smiles, we felt like we were bothering them. Halfhearted beverage service. OK food.

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Economy GVA - YUL More than 3 years 1 reactions

La classe

Vol très agréable pour Montréal, PNC très sympa et souriant, repas très bon, de la place en eco, mais un poil plus aurait été bien. Système de divertissement sympa. Dommage qu'ils aient coupé le système GPS au retour.

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