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I flew from Geneva to Vienna and had a connecting flight there. At the airport in Geneva, I was very surprised to discover that I had no attributed seat because of overbooking!

As I was flying with a group, it was very important that I could take the flight. After a while and worry, I could get a seat. I think it is inacceptable that companies do overbooking. I was very disappointed because I had been always considering Austrian Airlines as a serious company...

Otherwise, the flight was good and the crew friendly. The snack was very modest (some biscuits) but it is OK for such a short flight.

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Economy GVA - VIE More than 3 years 1 reactions 4 views

Nice flight above the Alps

I am used to travelling often with Austrian Airlines, a company I like very much. It was a first flight with a connecting flight in Vienna with 90 minutes to get the next flight.

As the flight was on time, there was no problem to catch the next plane.

The crew is always friendly and helpful, if you have questions.

We got some small snacks, which is not enough as a meal. This is why you have to buy at the airport some sandwiches or so before taking a short flight with Austrian Airlines.

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Economy GVA - VIE More than 3 years 3 reactions 7 views

A nice, attentive airline

This is an excellent airline; they were kind enough to allow us to check in despite the fact we were late arriving at the airport because of 10 km...

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Good flight with Austrian from Geneva to Vienna... Service was good, same for the stewardesses. Snack and apero also OK.

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