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For the price pretty good

The non-stop flight to the US and back costed about 950€ which was one of the best prices of a German airline for this route and date.

The check-in was fast and without any problems. The plane itself (767-300ER D-ABUK) was about 17 years old which is ok but it was modern and clean.

The plane departed on time and the flight itself was nice, calm and fast. We got 1 warm meal, which was above the average, and some snacks like some bread and chips.

There where 9" screens on every seat and you were abled to watch recent blockbusters like fast and furious or similar. The seats were good, but you could have had a bit more leg room. overall the flight was really smooth.

The flight attendants where nice and helpful. The flight back was delayed by 1 hour, because there was a burning Boeing 777 in Las Vegas on the Runwy, so we couldn't start. It got a bit hot in the airplane because of the hot weather in Las Vegas, but the flight attendants served cooled water. But the rest of the flight was nice.

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Economy FRA - LAS More than 3 years

Très bon rapport qualité prix, sièges de tailles corrects, personnel agréable, nourriture acceptable et services suffisants. A l'heure à l'aller. Retard au retour du à l'éruption du volcan eyjafjöll mais la compagnie a su assurer la liaison du retour via Majorque puis Munich, puis Francfort par bus... un peu chaotique et long mais nous sommes arrivés à bon port contrairement à d'autres avions qui n'ont pu décoller.

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Economy FRA - LAS More than 3 years 1 reactions

Compagnie US à déconseiller! (sauf si budjet très serré ou plus d'autre compagnie disponible). Tout d'abord l'environnement était très bruyant et la...

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Economy FRA - LAS More than 3 years 9 reactions

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