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Close to 13 hours between Florence and Nantes via Bordeaux, and on an empty stomach. A disaster.

There was a thunderstorm in Florence so the airport was closed for 2h.

Our plane was waiting for us in Pisa, we were going to go there by bus; the plane would come and get us (48 passengers) in Florence.

Volotea had us take its flight to Bordeaux, which was waiting for the airport to reopen. A bus would take us from Bordeaux to Nantes.

We finally took off around 1 am on the 30th instead of 8:50 pm on the 29th. There was nothing to drink and nothing to eat despite the fact that there were children on the flight.

In Bordeaux there was no information on the next step of our trip. Around 4 am, we got on the bus. We had to make a stop in a rest area so the driver could get his legally required rest. We arrived in Nantes at 11:15 am.
No Volotea employee provided any drinks or snacks at any time with the excuse that they hadn't been planned. We sent a registered letter to AR in Spain and we're still waiting for an answer.

This was our first flight on Volotea; we won't be taking another.

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Economy FLR - NTE More than 3 years 3 reactions 119 views

Un inadmissible cafouillage

Nous devions prendre le vol V7 2235 de Florence à Nantes, le 29 juin, décollage prévu à 22h50. Alors que nous attendions pour embarquer, un violent...

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Economy FLR - NTE More than 3 years 9 reactions 459 views

Retard excessif et plus

Décollage prévu à 22h50, effectif à 01h50 le 30, vers Bordeaux après de multiples informations contradictoires. Le vol Volotea pour Bordeaux devait...

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Retard (FLR - NTE)

Je devais rentrer de florence le 5 juin 2014 avec le vol de 20h30. Sans nous prévenir le vol a été annulé et un car nous a ramené à Pise avec une...

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