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The outward flight on 04/15/2013 departed with a one-hour delay without explanations or excuses by the airline. On the way back, my carry-on was refused by the airline agent, even though it wasn't a problem on the outward trip. I have traveled with different airlines (Easyjet, American Airlines) with this carry-on without any problems. In addition, some bags that were clearly bulkier than mine passed the flight attendant’s visual inspection. Is this a case of double standard by Blue Panorama? Also, I found the flight attendant’s response to be inappropriate. She said it wasn't her problem and that I could decide not to fly with this airline again, a decision which I intend to keep.

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Economy FCO - NCE More than 3 years 3 reactions 89 views

Rome-Nice flight

My wife and I went on a Nice/Rome roundtrip with this airline.
No problems on the outward flight.… It was fair….
On the way back, our flight was canceled due to a partial strike in Italy. All by ourselves, we had to manage to find a return flight. No assistance, not even advice! We found another flight on the same day, with Alitalia…. It was a little more expensive (normal).
Since the month of November 2011 I have been trying to get compensation…. Registered letters, e-mails, complaints to the Italian civil aviation…. No ANSWER! Finally, after several months, a complaint to the French civil aviation got a response: they proposed to reimburse us for the return flight’s ticket…BUT NO COMPENSATION…. All of our postage costs and procedures, etc…. All of that was more expensive than what they proposed to give us as reimbursement….
I refused it and I will file a complaint….



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Economy FCO - NCE More than 3 years 3 reactions

Rome sur U2...

Très pratique et pas cher... Personnel accueillant et sympathique... rare ! Les sièges sont abîmés, usés et pas trop de place pour les jambes bien...

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Economy FCO - NCE More than 3 years 5 reactions 43 views

Airbus 320 en classe affaire. Petit déjeuner à base de viennoiseries chaudes et jus d'orange frais. Omelette et café. Siège en cuir (le même que la classe Eco) mais plus d'espace. Ecran individuels avec défilés de mode, dessin animés et sketch sympas. Arrivé à Nice airport 10 minutes avant le temps prévu. Excellent.

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Business FCO - NCE More than 3 years 7 views

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