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A Catastrophe.

There was a two-hour delay without any explanation and above all a complete absence of excuses (I almost missed by my corresponding flight)! We were grounded in Rome for more than 45 minutes, with an air conditioning problem (you can imaging how hot it was inside).

The service was mediocre (a Coke please? Nope, there's no more Coke, would you like some water instead?).

The flight crew was not mean, but not friendly.

I thought the hour delay on the departure flight was an exception, but it really seems like this airline does this a lot. In short, this will be the last time I fly on this airline.

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Economy FCO - CDG More than 3 years

The Same From the Beginning

Our return flight was the same as the first, no change. Going to the Rome airport was a real pain, and then we boarded a clean Airbus A320. The...

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Economy FCO - CDG More than 3 years 66 views

Better crawl, walk, drive or swim than fly with them

Don't ever fly with this horrendous airline. Paris-Rome-Paris. Two hours delay outbound, five hours delay inbound, antediluvian aircraft (9K-AMD, Airbus A300, first flight 1993 and 9K-AMA, Airbus A300, first flight 1992), unpleasant staff, filthy plane, disgusting food, revolting toilets, broken TV set, no information, wrong information. Impossible to switch to another airline. Let's say I'm probably lucky the pilots knew how to fly it. Better late than dead I suppose, but never again will I fly with this terrible airline. It's a wonder they are not mentioned on the European Union blacklist as I'm sure the lack of decent care in the cabin and by staff must be reflected just as badly in the maintenance and repairs, and standards of operation. Other low-cost airlines are utmost luxury compared to Kuwait Airways.

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Economy FCO - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions 13 views


I was traveling to the French mainland from New Caledonia, My trip meant that I had to make 2 layovers: one in Tokyo then one in Rome. This flight was the last leg of my trip.

As for everything else, not a lot to say. The seat was comfortable and they served us drinks.
I found the boarding to be a little disorganized. Maybe since it was one of the last flights the crew wanted to get it over with quickly?

Alitalia was excellent on all of the flights.

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Economy FCO - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions 53 views


Avion aux couleurs de Skyteam. J'avais choisi un siège en issue de secours, mais c'est bien dans le cockpit, sur jumpseat, que je finirai le vol...

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Economy FCO - CDG More than 2 years 1 reactions

Pire qu'une compagnie low-cost

On ne nous informe pas à la réservation que le billet est vendu sans bagage en soute.

Le site internet de la compagnie est incompréhensible (il faut beaucoup de patience pour retrouver les informations sur le vol ou la réservation).

L'enregistrement en ligne est impossible pour les vols hors Italie, le personnel est désagréable, le vol part avec 1h de retard et pas un mot d'excuse du commandant de bord.

Les valises cabine finissent de force en soute sans excuse et sans mot gentil du personnel.

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Economy FCO - CDG More than 2 years

Une horreur

Nous revenons de Abu Dhabi où nous avons fait escale à Rome pour rentrer sur Paris.

L'avion s'est simplement enflammé au décollage et le pilote n'a rien trouvé de mieux à faire que décoller malgré nos hurlements et notre terreur.

Il semble que cette compagnie soit coutumière du fait puisqu'elle entretient très mal sa flotte (confirmé par les douaniers français).

Je ne repartirais plus jamais avec cette compagnie si tant est que je reprenne l'avion un jour. Merci Alitalia...

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Economy FCO - CDG More than 3 years
Diane Shym

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