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Incompetent call center and refund policy

Three weeks after cancelling a fully refundable fare, I still have not gotten any notification that a credit is being processed to my credit card or the credit card company received anything. Each time I call the airline, I'm told that they are inquiring in Paris and will expedite the answer.... Yet, nothging has been done. The lack of customer service is a disgrace.

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Business EWR - CDG More than 3 years 2 views

Flight very delayed due to the weather

The flight was delayed by four and a half hours due to bad weather. No refreshments or food were provided at the airport during the wait.
It was also very cold at the airport.
We boarded after three hours then had a one and a half hour wait onboard the plane before taking off.
The meal onboard was appalling.
There were some unbearable smells during the flight.
There was a wide choice of films available during the flight.
The cabin crew were very nice.

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Economy EWR - CDG More than 3 years 1 reactions 60 views

Uncomfortable trip on a Boeing 757

Having paid an extra, I found myself stuck in a narrow seat with two other passengers. The also narrow aisle was a permanent source of discomfort. The video screens were of bad quality and the crew was not very nice. In short, a very bad return flight and I will never choose this airline again!

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Economy plus EWR - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions 85 views

A nice airline

Hello, I flew with United on 10/27 from Newark (EWR) to Charles de Gaulle (CDG). There was a 7-hour delay due to a storm that had hit Paris. We had...

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Economy EWR - CDG More than 3 years 19 reactions 1,4k views

Very good flights

First of all, punctuality: both outbound and inbound the plane was on time, so that's something good straight away!

Take-off and landing went well, even though the plane made a large turn with quite a lot of turbulence before landing at Newark.
With me being tall, I was pleasantly surprised: I had quite a lot of room for my legs (on the other hand, the seats don't recline much, but it's like that everywhere...).
The meals and snacks aren't huge, and it's airline food, but they're still wholly satisfying in my opinion.
Several times during the flight the hostesses came by and offered hot and cold drinks (water, cola, tea, ...).
The entertainment was good, with numerous films and series and lots of quite recent music in all styles available via individual screens (though the vast majority is in English).
The members of the cabin crew were quite smiley and friendly.
No problems with check in and boarding, and very quick too: checking in at Newark only took 5 minutes (with the self-service kiosks). No luggage problems either.

In summary, on both outbound and return, two good flights!

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Economy EWR - CDG More than 3 years 8 reactions 274 views

Newark-Paris flight with a layover at Washington Dulles

Newark-Paris flight with a layover at Washington Dulles

The flight wasn't very expensive and it wasn't comfortable, it felt like low cost with bad food and alcoholic beverages cost extra; the flight crew was unfriendly. There was a problem with overbooking in Newark, and the ground crew was just as incompetent and horrible.
The plane was old (a 757) with an obsolete monitoring system.

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Economy EWR - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions

Très bon équipage

Après un trajet de l’hôtel (le New-yorker) bien situé juste à côté du madison square garden. Nous arrivons à l’aéroport , l’enregistrement des...

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Economy EWR - CDG 02/2020 1 reactions


Plusieurs membres des pnc qui parlent français, c’est toujours pratique si on est anglophobe .... les repas mon sembler un peu plus qualitatif qu’a L’aller

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Economy EWR - CDG More than 2 years


Nul pour un vol transatlantique, jamais vu si peu de place.
Personnel normalement sympa.
Nous sommes dans l'avion prêt à partir et le commandant nous signale que l'avion n'est pas correct pour ce long trajet, donc il faut redescendre et attendre plus de 2 heures pour repartir. Mon amie Mexicaine qui devait reprendre un autre avion à Orly a raté bien sûr son avion et personne ne l'a prise en charge alors qu'elle ne parle pas du tout le Français.

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Economy EWR - CDG More than 3 years 2 reactions 363 views

Mauvaise surprise (EWR - CDG)

Retard de plus d'une heure au départ de san jose. Pas d'infos. A bord, film payant et snack de très médiocre qualité. Personnel de bord aimable. Pour un vol de six heures, un coussin ou oreiller serait le bienvenu.

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Economy EWR - CDG More than 3 years 3 reactions 195 views
Françoise A.

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