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Poor Service

We purchased exit row seats for an additional charge of $50 each for this flight. When entering the plane our seats were directly behind the exit row. We were told by the flight attendant that the equipment had changed and there was nothing they could do since it was a full flight. They promised us that we would be refunded for the cost of the upgrade but we would need to file a claim with customer service when we returned home.
I filed the claim the next day and received a standard computer reply that they had assigned us a number and would respond back soon. We were also informed that it may take time as there was a back log of claims. I waited three weeks and heard nothing so I sent another message to them with the claim number and received the same standard reply as previous only with a new number.
Needless to say, at this point I expect no refund or any contact from them. I can assure you that Aer Lingus will never be flown by our family again!

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Economy plus DUB - JFK More than 3 years 1 reactions 28 views

Bon vol (DUB - JFK)

Bonjour à tous ! Je vais donner mon avis sur cette compagnie assez peu connu qui est Aer Lingus pour un vol Dublin-JFK (Paris-Dublin sur un autre...

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Rigueur mais c'est tout !

Le vol était à l'heure, les sièges en classe éco toujours aussi serrés.

Mais le plus déplaisant : que des divertissements en anglais et sans sous-titre, certaines tv individuelles ne marchaient pas, du coup ils ont réinitialisé les divertissements 3 fois, quand bien même vous regardiez votre film depuis 1 h ! A la fin nos tv ne fonctionnaient toujours pas.

La nourriture est franchement mauvaise
Au retour vol de nuit, nous avons eu un dîner mais pas de petit déjeuner à l'arrivé à 08h40 !

Quand à l'amabilité du personnel, mis à part 1 steward, les hôtesses de l'air étaient plutôt froides !

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Economy DUB - JFK More than 3 years 2 reactions 264 views

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