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Pleasantly surprised...

These flights were part of a package trip to Flores, departing from Denpasar. I can only say that we were pleasantly surprised with this airline and...

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Economy DPS - LBJ More than 3 years 7 reactions 173 views


First, they required you to show up at the counter three days before departure to pay in cash (debit cards were not accepted) in local currency. Then there was an impression of total disorganization: unexplained delay with no information and no display of the departure gate and time. The flight was OK, the impression of security was maintained. On arrival: no luggage. Had it been lost? Forgotten? The ground crew was completely indifferent and acted as if it was completely normal to show up without luggage. After 5 visits to the airport in 2 days and countless arguments, the luggage miraculously reappeared without an explanation or an excuse.
Never again with Merpati.

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Economy DPS - LBJ More than 3 years 3 reactions 107 views

The airline lost our luggage and then didn't care.

The flight was fine but there was a delay without any information provided.
When we arrived, 6 or 7 passengers didn't have their luggage.
Merpati's "representative" didn't give a hoot about us. And we had to stand there like idiots, stuck without any luggage, and Merpati didn't care.
I will never again use this airline and I do not recommend it.
Say no to Merpati!

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Economy DPS - LBJ More than 3 years 3 reactions 64 views

Flew onboard a BAe 146-200 type plane, a dated aircraft

Flew on a BAe 146-200 type plane. The plane dates from the 1980s, and the way it's fitted out shows it. The onboard shopping catalogue must still be in its first edition, with the items shown also dating from the 1980s.
No problems with the flight itself; very pleasantly surprised by the gentleness of the take-off and the landing.

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Economy DPS - LBJ More than 3 years 2 reactions

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