Bangkok Don Muang - Phuket

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Bangkok - Phuket flight

Bangkok - Phuket flight Don Mueng Aiport, domestic flight. There was a crazy amount of people at check-in at 10:00 am. The check-in counter was...

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Economy DMK - HKT More than 2 years 2 views

Not as low-cost as all that!

Suvarnabhumi Airport was the destination we arrived at having flown from Lyon via Dubai, which meant we had to change airport, because Air Asia...

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Economy DMK - HKT More than 3 years 16 reactions 100 views
Mickaël S.

A very good flight, a nice low-cost airline

I took Air Asia on January 16 from Bangkok to Phuket (return flight on the 25th) and I found that it was a good low-cost airline. Check-in went quickly online and onsite.

The crew was friendly and wearing jeans designed by Air Asia on the return flight, it was kind of fun to see a flight crew wearing jeans.

Takeoff and landing were skillful, with not a single bump. The baggage claim was quick (admittedly this was a 1h20min flight). I recommend this airline for interior flights, it's practical and the Bangkok DonMuang Airport is actually quite good for a self-described "low-cost" airport, with stores, nice places to sit, fast food restaurants, etc. (However, the air conditioning was really on too high, we all had to put on sweaters!).

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Economy DMK - HKT More than 3 years 3 reactions 3 views

Vol normal

Pour un vol charter vous connaissez la chanson!
Vol en retard de 20 min
Pitch assez serré pour des grandes jambes
Repas payant mais les prix sont très corrects
Personnel faisant son job
Vol agréable
Atterrissage en douceur

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Economy DMK - HKT More than 3 years 6 reactions 447 views

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