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How this airline cheats its customers by charging extra for luggage

We arrived at Charleroi. Three people with three free (?) carry-ons and three large checked bags that had been previously booked.

We had no problems checking the large bags, but the three carry-ons did not fit into the Wizz Air sizer box, which magically happened to be 2 cm smaller than Ryanair’s.

The airline agent told us with a smile that it would cost us 35 extra euros a bag despite the fact that they weighed less than 10 kg each. We had no such problems on the return trip with Ryanair: a purse was also allowed along with the typical carry-on baggage.

Do the test in the airports where Ryanair and Wizz Air’s sizer boxes are near each other. You will find that Wizz Air’s is 2 cm smaller. 2 cm = 35 extra euros. You have to bring light bags and suitcases. Spread the word to avoid unpleasant surprises before takeoff.

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The best flight I have ever taken was this 9.99 euro Charleroi to Budapest flight on October 28, 2013 (gusts of wind exceeding 120 km).

Take-off was scheduled for 8:40. Boarding started at 8:00 and at 8:25 it was over and the doors were closed. The pilot decided to wait a few minutes to take off since we were ahead of time. It was a good idea, because after some minutes there was less wind.

The HA-LWR airplane (barely 6 months old) was very comfortable, with no chewing gum stuck to the seats, very clean. The cabin crew was very nice and they tried to speak French. The equipment was great. The safety instructions were very well-done, in English and Hungarian. Up there the flight was very quiet, no like with Ryanair where every two minutes there’s an announcement. The price was not very high. Landing was perfect, 25 minutes ahead of time. There was a bus that took us from the airplane to the terminal. For the inexpensive tickets, you have to book at least three months in advance.

I will no doubt fly again to Warsaw Chopin instead of Modlin with Ryanair for the 25-euro roundtrip.

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Pour un premier vol avec eux, j'ai été extrêmement satisfait, j'avais pu lire beaucoup d'avis négatifs de personnes se plaignant d'avoir à payer des frais supplémentaires, mais au final si on respecte les "conditions" de Ryanair (dimension et poids des bagages, imprimer ses coupons,... ) il n'y a aucun soucis et on paye le tarif indiqué.

Pour ce premier vols nous avions réservé nos place à l'avance pour une vingtaine d'euro, ce qui est raisonnable quand on voit les prix pratiqués par exemple par British Airways pour avoir des places "duo" dans les 747. De plus ça nous permis de bénéficier de l'embarquement prioritaire et d'un espace plus que satisfaisant pour les jambes.

En conclusion, c'était un premier essai pour ma part et il y en aura d'autres très prochainement!

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