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A pleasant surprise (CDG - VRA)

Considering all of the negative reviews, we were pleasantly surprised with this airline. On the departure flight: - Punctual. - The flight...

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Economy CDG - VRA More than 3 years 5 reactions 272 views
marie 72300

Not recommended

I paid to reserve seats with space for more comfort.
On the departure flight, an extremely overweight person was sitting next to me, which meant I had only half a seat. The staff didn't help despite my request.

On the return flight a member of the flight crew was very unpleasant even rude.

The service provided was minimal during both of the trips.

A trip to forget. I'll never use this company again.

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Economy CDG - VRA More than 3 years 7 reactions 229 views

The condor's flight

Flight of over 10 hours in economy plus class.
The aircraft was very comfortable and very clean. The food really impressed us because it was much better than with other airlines.

On the other hand, the way they welcomed us aboard the plane and during boarding was borderline unpleasant.

Also, it seems that this airline has no customer service. In fact, it is reachable only by email (in English or German) and they do not respond to requests.

Only German-speakers should book tickets with this airline.

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Economy plus CDG - VRA More than 3 years 5 reactions 447 views

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