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Go for another airline if you have a choice

We flew Paris-Tana-Paris in economy class in November 2015. Our initial flight from Paris was cancelled without any notification. After checking my...

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Economy CDG - TNR More than 3 years 4 views

Great travel

Great flight. I was in the reclining seat, not to much space but great. The films proposed are recent. Great take off and great landing. The...

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Economy CDG - TNR More than 3 years 5 views
Christopher K.

Flight cancellation

To the director of Air Madagascar's Paris office

Dear Sir,

You cancelled flight MD051 at the last moment without warning and without a valid reason.
I paid for business class tickets for a peaceful flight only to find myself in that situation!

The flight would have apparently had to leave for Marseille "empty". It should be noted that it wasn't as empty as that. Some "well off" people departed right under everyone's noses, without a qualm.

What explanation do you have to offer for that? Do you find it normal that customers who've paid for their ticket are treated like this?

Is this the way to restore your airline's image and that of Madagascar? Personally, I'm not convinced it is.

I await both an explanation on your part, as Air Madagascar's representative, and the favourable solution you plan to offer me under the circumstances.

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Business CDG - TNR More than 3 years 22 reactions 599 views

A nice flight.

Boarding and and takeoff were roughly on time.
The flight went by flight without incident. The flight crew was friendly, but nothing more.
Good service: drinks, a good dinner (despite a lack of vegetables) and a good breakfast.
The in-flight entertainment didn't work; the only entertainment we had was the navigation chart. No music, no film, nothing.
The cabin was a little overheated.
The seat was somewhat worn, comfort was average.
Arrival was 15 minutes late.
On arrival, there was a small wait to go through immigration and for baggage delivery.

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Economy CDG - TNR More than 3 years 1 reactions 49 views

First flight with this airline

Even though Air Madrid's flights are insured by Air France, their lost luggage service is deplorable, even incompetent. Delayed luggage is common on any airline but at least those companies deliver the luggage to the home of the owner once they have arrived. That's not the case for Air Madrid. You have to go to the airport to recover your luggage, and it's still not guaranteed that they will be there. You have to go back there several times. There are no excuses, nothing, as if it's the customer's fault. The quality of the service is the worst.

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Business CDG - TNR More than 3 years 7 reactions 722 views

Les plus cabines d'Air France s'envoleront vers Antananarivo le 24 et 31 Juillet 2017

Quelle mouche a piqué Air France??? Exceptionnellement, les plus belles cabines d'Air France ( Best and Beyond) s'envoleront vers Antananarivo...

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First CDG - TNR More than 3 years 6 reactions
Grand voyageur

Très bonne compagnie (CDG - TNR)

Je me suis rendue à Madagascar l'année passée et nous avons choisis comme compagnie Air Austral, une très bonne compagnie.

Pas de retard, pas de problème avec nos bagages.
J'ai même reçu une autorisation pour un colis humanitaire de 120 kg gratuit.
La nourriture à bord est très bonne. Le staff de bord est très chaleureux et aimable.
Les places sont confortables et laissent assez de place aux jambes.
Que du bonheur, je vous recommande cette compagnie.

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Economy CDG - TNR More than 3 years 5 reactions 289 views

Remerciement agent (enregistrement bagages) Mr Baboudjian Antranik et sa chef

Je souhaite saluer et remercier l'agent d'Air France, Mr Baboudjian Antranik qui s'est occupé de nous à l'enregistrement de bagages ce samedi 21 déc...

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Economy CDG - TNR More than 3 years 3 reactions 117 views

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