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A very good flight overall. It was too bad that refreshments cost extra but they were very good.
Really, really, really comfortable seats.

I strongly recommend this airline.

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Economy CDG - TLV More than 3 years

I travelled standing for the entire flight

I found myself in front of a passenger, on a five hour flight, who kept bumping my seat. I couldn't tolerate travelling under those conditions. I...

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Economy CDG - TLV More than 3 years 11 reactions 106 views

The return flight: a complete disaster!!

The return flight on the 17 March was overbooked and after four hours of queuing, waiting, and being repeatedly searched, everybody got to leave except for four people, amongst which my husband and I. We were to get a flight the next day instead. Nobody offered to let any of the young passengers let us have their places in exchange for a payment: unheard of with other airlines! Result: the airline provided a very average hotel at one hour's distance from the airport. Results: surgical operations cancelled; patients not happy...
Our tickets were refunded three months later instead of the three weeks we were advised, and it took six phone calls and two trips to their offices! At 65 years of age you can't put up with this kind of thing. That's us finished with this airline!

PS: I doubt this text will be read before it's deleted by El Al!

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Economy CDG - TLV More than 3 years 16 reactions 159 views

Nice flight

Reception at CDG3’s air terminal. Flight was punctual, even 20 minutes ahead of time. Efficient airline, no bad surprise. The airport and cabin crews were very kind and I think that for the price this was a great deal. They served us a sandwich and there were complimentary unlimited drinks throughout the flight. There wasn’t much legroom, but the seats recline.

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Economy CDG - TLV More than 3 years 3 reactions 110 views

This was my second flight with this airline and it was great.

This was my second flight with this airline and it was great.
Departure was at the time written on the tickets, boarding was not very well organized, the boarding gate was very far from the check-in counter.
On board: The plane, a 757-300 with winglets, was well maintained. There was a lot of legroom (like with a standard airline), very good takeoff, the food was good in this holiday season, good service. The pilot also made a very smooth landing.
I will post another review of my return flight.

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Economy CDG - TLV More than 3 years

un mepris et une desinvolture effroyable

Précision : je fais voyager mineur de 14 ans ! le vol du dimanche prévus pour 7H45 à été reporté à 14h et finalement annulé ! les passagers sont...

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Economy CDG - TLV 12/2019 2 reactions

Au top Du topppp !!!!!!

Avec 32 Minutes de retard, c'est 5 Minutes d'avance sur l'arrivée du vol à TLV !
Équipage sérieux, souriant et dynamique, Rien a Dire .
Bémol sur les prestations qui n'étaient pas Tres alléchantes .
Sinon dans l'ensemble c'était parfait !!!

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Economy CDG - TLV More than 3 years

Pour une fois de l'avance !

Parfait, rien à dire.

Au top, décollage prévu à 7:05, a décollé à 7:15, à l'heure rien à dire !

Un équipage souriant, jeune, sympathique, rigolo et surtout gentil !

Un très bon petit déjeuner, juste les boissons n'ont pas été servies ... mais sinon c'était parfait !

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Economy plus CDG - TLV More than 3 years

Bien mais ... un peu déçu

EL AL , compagnie sécuritaire , rien à dire pour ça !

Pour l'heure de décollage , c'est pas trop mal mais pour le repas, ce n'était pas à la hauteur du tout ! Une salade puis une boule de thon amère !

Je suis déçu de cette prestation !

Le personnel de bord était fort aimable !

Il y avait du wifi dans l'avion !

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Economy CDG - TLV More than 3 years

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