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Rude Ground Staff & No Customer Service

I booked all my flights on the KLM website. I flew outbound from Singapore to Amsterdam, then stopover in Paris on the way to Malaga. On the return...

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 2 years

A Dramatic Experience

I flew from Paris to Singapore via Zurich on 11 September LX645 leaving 2045. I had checked in online prior within 24 hours and chose window seats...

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years

Very Good Flight

We left for Singapore as a family: 2 adults and 2 children (6 & 12 years old).

The tickets we bought were inexpensive at €480, which added up to a total amount of €1890 including tax. At that price, we had a few reservations about the airline.

In fact, this is a good airline. The planes were well-equipped with individual screens with a choice of movies and music. Some of the movies were censored, but nothing too bad.

The meals were basic, but personally I've never had an excellent meal on a plane. It filled us up and that's what's important.

The layover in Riyadh went well. There were restaurants, but unfortunately the duty free shop was under construction, which is too bad since a four-hour layover is a little long.

We were agreeably surprised by this airline, having been disappointed by Aeroflot. I recommend this airline without hesitation.

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years
Leao M.

Great Airline.

We traveled on the upper deck of an A380. What was most striking was how quiet it was. The pitch and the size of the seat was really nice, you could...

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years 36 views

Just average

The plane was on time. The boarding process was easy and relaxed, with the plane half empty. The level of comfort in economy class was adequate. The...

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years 17 reactions 334 views

Really inflexible airline (lost luggage)

Singapore Airlines is certainly an airline known for its safety, but it should also be known for its inflexibility. Following some luggage that was lost (and found 4 days later!) on a long-haul Paris/Hanoi (via Singapore) departure flight in Business Class (really expensive!), there was no e-mail apology, no goodwill gesture on the return flight (we asked if they would upgrade for my wife, who was traveling in economy class, but, they refused even though Business Class was almost empty. They only offered to let her sit by me for the landing, 15 minutes before arrival at CDG), etc.
This airline's rigid organization showed absolutely no flexibility no matter the circumstances. They referred us to the Manager, then to the Manager's Manager . . . basically, no one took responsibility.

Furthermore, although I found the crew very friendly and attentive on the return flight, this was not the case on the departure flight.

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Business CDG - SIN More than 3 years 4 reactions 181 views

A very good flight.

The seats on this Singapore Airlines A380 were comfortable, and the food was delicious. However, the in-flight entertainment had few recent French films. There was a long wait for landing and a corresponding long line.

The 66lb limit on luggage was great. The flight attendants were very friendly and cheerful.

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years 1 reactions 111 views

Excellent airline

No delay.
Rapid check-in.
Cheerful crew.
High-quality meals.
Movies in French plus others with French subtitles.
Very nice seats.
The temperature was comfortable on the departure flight. It was cold on the return flight, but maybe that was just to get us used to the temperature difference between Singapore and Paris.

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years 3 reactions 130 views

A long and relaxing trip

I cannot recommend enough opting for "business class" on a 13-hour flight, since comfort is optimum and it's not as tiring, as much as Singapore...

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Business CDG - SIN More than 3 years 4 reactions 357 views


This was my first long distance flight and everything went well! This was the first flight of a long trip to Sydney. The service and check-in were perfect; takeoff and landing were on time; there was good legroom (obligatory in an A380); there were many options for entertainment (games, movies in several languages, etc.), the crew was friendly and accommodating; the meals were good, though sometimes a bit too spicy. A small extra: while waiting for our flight to Sydney (a 14-hour connection), Singapore Airlines offered us a mini two-hour tour of Singapore. No complaints, everything was perfect!

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Economy CDG - SIN More than 3 years 4 reactions 177 views

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