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I Can't Recommend This to Anyone.

I had a very bad experience with this airline. There was a three-hour delay on the departure flight and a two-hour delay on the return flight.

No communication.

30 minutes of waiting to get to customer service.

If you can't speak English, it's even worse.

Everything cost extra. Luckily the staff was friendly.

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Economy CDG - SFO 06/2016 1 reactions

Great airline

I took this airline to get to San Francisco. I bought a ticket for economy class and the level of comfort was very satisfying (legroom, individual screens with movies, music and games, optional wifi). What's more the flight crew was friendly, very professional and more than patient.

The meal wasn't really that good but no worse than the ones on other airlines in my opinion, plus the flight attendants came by regularly to offer drinks (coffee, tea, water and hot chocolate) at no extra cost.

The only minus: my luggage and that of some

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Economy CDG - SFO More than 2 years 2 reactions 226 views

This was my first flight with them and I am satisfied

I traveled in economy class as always ;) This flight was 11 hours long so thank you, United A., for the individual screens (this wasn't the case on...

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Economy CDG - SFO More than 2 years 4 reactions 376 views

AF always good !

I flew from CDG to San Fransisco on a 777-300ER of Air France.
Seats and pitch good, the IFE screen was quite small but for a night flight it's not that important.
The food quality was on overall good, but the quantity was small.
The flight attendant were nice.
I really appreciate the fact that they serve Champagne in economy class for aperitive.
This is a point where other companies are saving cost.

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Economy CDG - SFO More than 3 years 1 reactions 12 views

It's interesting

Having seen the reviews online, I was really afraid of what awaited my family and myself. Actually, it turned out to be pretty close to what we usually have with Air France. Very nice airplane, a nice crew, and a meal worthy of airline gastronomy (no more, no less).
So, for the price of the ticket, it’s interesting.
For big people (my son is 2 m tall), the seats are a little narrow. It’s important to note that we thought we had booked tickets by the emergency exits. Pay attention to the website when you reserve emergency exit seats. On the drawing, check the orientation of the seats with the headrest. This will help you avoid finding yourself on the other side of the dividing wall from the normal seats. With the exception of this anecdote, we’re very satisfied with the service.

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Economy CDG - SFO More than 3 years 2 reactions 58 views

Not very much space between the seats

Comfort: Not very much space between the seats, the worst was on the interior flight between Detroit and San Francisco.

Service: Service was reduced to a minimum, the crew only spoke English, and there was no possibility of eating on this USA flight between Detroit and San Francisco (a 5H30min flight).

Security: No problems on that level.

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Economy CDG - SFO More than 3 years

Sans soucis

Un trajet en classe économique entre Paris Charles de Gaulle et San Francisco sans problèmes particuliers. Points positifs du vol : Ponctualité /...

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Economy CDG - SFO 09/2016

Avion neuf mais sièges business ancienne génération

Air France a toujours le don de vous stresser avec les préavis de grève... Une fois cette épreuve passée, on arrive aux choses sérieuses. J'avais...

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Business CDG - SFO 06/2016 1 reactions

Vol parfait

Un départ de Paris à l'heure et un vol sans souci, en dehors d'un plantage du système vidéo qu'il a fallu rebooter.

J'ai retrouvé ma valise un peu emboutie, mais un bon coup et elle a retrouvé sa forme initiale.

Les repas furent très bien, mieux que sur BA ou Delta.

Au total un vol comme on aimerait en voir plus souvent.

Il suffit que les salariés d'AF comprennent que le client cherche une compagnie fiable qui ne soit pas adepte de la grèviculture.

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Business CDG - SFO 05/2016 4 views

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