Paris Charles De Gaulle - Pu Dong

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Pleasent flight

Paris to Shanghai, night flight

Seat :

- Good point : good leg room, enouh space to sleep confortably, a additional store box one the left
- Negative point : no enough inclination

Entertainement : screen in the arm seat, good choice of programs, the screen is not very easy to use
Meal ok, choice between french and chinese style

Good service from Air france flight attendants

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Economy CDG - PVG More than 3 years 2 reactions 9 views

Flight business class from cdg airport to pvg

Flight business class from CDG airport to PVG.
Flight departed with litle delay. New 380 aircraft. I leave for few days. Due to seat availablility they upgrade to J class.

Service was correct. No more. Wine was very good. Food choice was meet fish or vegetatian. For dessert big choise of cheese and cakes, also digestive.

During flight bar is available for all food u want. also alcool.
We arrive at PVG with 20 mins delay. It was ok.

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Business CDG - PVG More than 3 years 3 reactions 12 views


Check-in was quick and desk staff were pleasant and smiling. No problems with the baggage; mine was a little over the weight but got checked-in ok...

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Economy CDG - PVG More than 3 years 5 reactions 314 views
Alexis B.

A good flight!

There was enough legroom (something you can't always depend on with an economy class ticket!)
By contrast, there wasn't the excellent service I'd heard mentioned when it comes to airlines from the Orient: no aperitif, wine not the best, meal just about adequate. And there was no personal screen.

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Economy CDG - PVG More than 3 years 9 reactions 678 views

Very nice flight

After reading the reviews, I was worried about the flight that was awaiting us. Honestly, though, I was unable to find what was being complained...

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Economy CDG - PVG More than 3 years 7 reactions 727 views

Pros and cons

I booked this flight on the airline website one month before my departure. I directly received a very brief confirmation e-mail (only one line of...

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Economy CDG - PVG More than 3 years 6 reactions 681 views

Long but pleasant :)

Everything was fine. A bit of a delay at take-off, but that was no doubt down to the refuelling and safety checks required for such a long journey.

Light meals served at intervals, and a choice of drinks. You just have to speak a little English to get what you want, otherwise you just have to point! Meals were adequate enough, though you can tell you're on your way to China: it's not all up to cordon bleu standards.

To sum up, nothing to complain about overall! Watch out for the jet lag!

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Economy CDG - PVG More than 3 years 7 reactions 989 views

Vol retardé...

Le vol a été retardé de près de 3h pour des raisons météo sur le vol précédent Shanghai Paris.

Vol plutôt confortable dans un avion récent avec écran individuel, 2 repas honorables et sièges plutôt bons.

Tout se gâte à l'arrivée à Shanghai... Voir avis suivant.

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Economy CDG - PVG More than 2 years 1 views

Correct mais sans plus :)

Vol CDG-PVG par Air France sur A380.

- Enregistrement en ligne rapide.
- Pas de retard au départ ni à l'arrivée avec un vol sans encombres, décollage/atterrissage en douceur.

- Embarquement à CDG et débarquement à PVG efficaces.

- Siège sur le pont supérieur avec business class quasi vide (70-75% des sièges non occupés?).

- Espace entre deux sièges éco très correct mais espace disponible en cabine pour ranger ses affaires sur le pont supérieur est un peu faible.

- IFE classique mais un peu lent avec les derniers films à disposition.

- PNC agréables globalement, avec un petit bémol pour l'un d'entre eux un peu trop à l'aise avec les passagers, un peu comme s'il était tout seul chez lui (en termes de discours, remarque un peu déplacée sur une des boissons offertes à bord).

- Bagages non récupérés à PVG mais bien arrivés à la destination finale sans soucis.

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Economy CDG - PVG More than 2 years 1 views

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