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2 h 30 min delay

Apart from the 2 h 30 min delay with no explanation, there was nothing to complain about. A sandwich and water were provided to us and the cabin crew were very nice. The seat was good. Take-off and landing were fine, despite the wind. There were no problems with baggage retrieval.

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Economy CDG - PRG More than 3 years 2 reactions 485 views

Low cost, low humanity, high profit !

I had to cancel a trip for surgery reason and thought in this situation, I would be reimbursed by the company. Oh no ! 1/ only one reason is...

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Economy CDG - PRG More than 3 years 3 reactions 12 views

Ghost airplane

The airplane didn't exist, we had been transferred to another flight on another airline in another terminal without having been informed. Arriving...

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Economy CDG - PRG More than 3 years 10 reactions 896 views

Once, but not twice!

We saw the negative reviews before our departure, so we had some idea of what could happen. When we got to the 2D terminal of the CDG airport, we didn’t see our flight on display. We found out that it has moved to another terminal with no announcements!

So we had to take a train to terminal 3! It was very stressful; lucky that we arrived well in advance! No delays, honest flight. On the way back: we arrived at the Prague airport and don’t see the flight on display there!

We went to the airline’s counter, where they told us that the flight had been cancelled and would be replaced by another airline, Czech Airlines. Again with no announcements! The flight went well and it was clear that it was a more upmarket airline! So, Smart Wings made us really scared and gave us no warnings. Never again!

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Economy CDG - PRG More than 3 years 6 reactions 525 views


We got a ancient old Airbus A320. The cabin crew were awful. The light meal they serve is very nearly inedible. Otherwise the flight was fine.

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Economy CDG - PRG More than 3 years 1 reactions 115 views

Paris => Prague

An adequately comfortable internal flight lasting 1 h 45 min on board an Airbus 320.
Drink and morning pastries served on board.
Take reading material or something else to do on board because there's only a simple screen showing ads.
The crew only use Czech or English (same with the information provided to passengers).
Take-off and landing – in particular – smooth.
Good flight.

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Economy CDG - PRG More than 3 years 7 reactions 229 views

Vol satisfaisant mais l'embarquement inacceptable

Le personnel à bord était compétent et agréable mais les personnes responsables de l'embarquement n'ont pas fait monter d'abord les personnes avec des enfants en bas âge. Nous n'étions pas personnellement concernés mais quand j'ai fait la remarque après avoir vu une jeune mère au milieu d'une grande queue avec son bébé dans les bras le personnel était très désagréable.

Je voyage souvent en avion mais c'était la première fois que je voyais un tel manque de courtoisie et de compréhension.

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Economy CDG - PRG More than 3 years

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